deserving of a better review

By ihearttburton
Written August 13, 2010
alright, so Wood did an incredible job in this biopic. it gives incredible insight into the childhood of the household name John Lennon, and humanizes his existence, which creates a familiarity that the viewer can share with the character. the cinematography is beautiful, and the "fans" who are reviewing this film don't know a great movie when they see one. trust me and see this film when it arrives in theatres, it's incredible. if you don't believe me, it's about the ******* beatles. anything about the beatles is going to be fantastic.
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Although this review may not......

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written November 10, 2010 well received,I have to say the movie was unremarkable,although I did enjoy it. Just didn't relate like I wanted to. I found the mother extremely disturbing too,and maybe that colored my opinion.Great performances by the two women,pretty good one for Aaron as well. Maybe it is the fact that I am not an avid fan,I do concede to that!! But I really think you can wait for netflix,dvd whatever.
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Nowhere Boy

By kravitzky9
Written October 02, 2010
Very good film about John Lennon's teenage years. Most of what was portrayed in the film is heavily documented in books and articles but not in feature films. Aaron Johnson gives a very convincing performance as a young John Lennon, although he easily a much more handsome version and a bit on the hulking Brando side rather than the more wiry, impish John that we are used to. The decision to cast a very unattractive McCartney was made because of the actor's ability to play guitar and give an innocent but compelling performance, but I'm sure Sir Paul was not happy to be portrayed by a boy that looked like the classic nerd. One interesting omission in the film was that of Cynthia Lennon who was John's girlfriend beginning in 1958. I would recommend the film to anybody who is a fan of John Lennon. Really portrays the turmoil and tragedy of John's formative years which was a major source of his creative angst and the bond that brought the genius of Lennon and McCartney together.
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Making of a genius

By suemarie
Written October 16, 2010
Story of John Lennon and his relationships with him unstable mother and the aunt who raised him. Really entertaining, touching and interesting. It makes you think, what he became was because of his childhood, or in spite of it. Aaron Johnson is very good. Probably OK for teens. There was some adult scenes and a lot of smoking.
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Five Word Review

By sprtschck
Written December 30, 2009
Encounter John Lennon's teenage existence.
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