Not Today

By Pooh's reviews
Written October 24, 2016
Well worth the price of admission! An eye opening well done presentation of "human trafficking" that informs as well as gets you involved in the story line! Makes me think twice about checking the label for clothes I buy! Go see it!!!
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Well done!

By TexasLee
Written October 31, 2014
While the cliché Christian responses seems slightly forced in places, overall a great movie! I loved the contract between the entitled young American and the poor Indian man and their unlikely friendship. And the little girl that played Anneka was fantastic! Great message and refreshing to see a movie in a mainstream theater that had a meaningful message and brought to light a serious problem in the world today. Go see it!
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Need to see it

By thomasflan
Written May 22, 2017
Is this Academy Award material? Absolutely not. The movie effectively tells a story about a tragic reality in our world, human trafficking. The movie was not designed to showcase the best actors of our era. It was not intended to win cinematography or set-design awards. Rather, it was meant to effectively communicate the problem of human trafficking and how God can work in the lives of normal human beings. I think it did that. It was entertaining. If given the choice of watching this movie or any of the top 10 movies of the last few years, I can't think of a good reason one shouldn't choose to see this, first. People like movies that "move" them. Well...this movie moves you. It encourages you to increase awareness. It encourages you to get involved. Everyone in the US is quite familiar with drug trafficking; however, the more depraved human trafficking gets virtually no exposure. For $10, you will be entertained, changed, and help the cause. A no brainer.
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A Must see!

By Wallmanyhats1
Written July 02, 2016
This movie is unique! Very clever subtitles! It provides information about an unknown problem, or at least a problem that I had never heard about. Very well done! A must see!
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By winchriserta
Written April 15, 2013
Warning: This is not a REAL movie. It's extremely CHRISTIAN. The characters of this poorly written screenplay spend more time talking about their relationship to God than much of anything else. I was so duped. This was made by a Christian organization, Friends Church Yorba Linda, basically to raise money. The issue of human-trafficking is important. It's sad to see it hijacked by a religious organization. Some of the scenes were interesting, and of course I care a lot about the issues, but eventually I was put off by the Christianity enough that I left and asked for my money back. Can't believe this was showing in a mainstream theatre.
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