Not Today lacks compassion

By BGemdron
Written August 25, 2016
Not Today was highly disappointing. The rich kid is arrogant,and selfish and he displayed a total lack of love and compassion by reminding the dad several times that he sold his daughter into slavery. Instead of showing God's love and acceptance of the Dalits in India , and sharing the message of the gospel, it focuses on the rich kids lack of faith, until he finally realizes he needs God's help. The movies approach to slavery in India failed miserably to show any real solution to the issue at hand.
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Not Today

By cwberg
Written May 03, 2016
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Poorly Made, Bad Acting, Missed Opportunity

By arcintraining08
Written April 13, 2013
I had such hopes for this movie, thinking it would bring awareness and possibilities of what might be done to eradicate the world-wide problem of slavery today. Instead, the movie focuses on a spoiled, rich kid and his family and the worn out tale of how "God abandoned" him, his family and friends repeatedly encourage him to pray and trust that he was never really abandoned, and he ultimately, of course, prays hard and finds out that they were all right. Meanwhile, a little girl in India is sold by her father, rich kid and the father traipse through several cities to find her and buy her back, then rich kid goes home to sunny, comfortable OC to remember how fortunate he is while others are not. Statistics on slavery were shown amidst the credits. Nothing realistic about this movie at all. The only pain I had was trying to decide if I should stay or leave.
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Truly important message

By Flodug
Written July 25, 2016
This movie was well written. It connects to the viewer in a way that gets you feeling like you want to make a change. I was truly appreciative of the wealth of information that was given pertaining to modern day slavery.
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Looks good

By jragusa538
Written April 09, 2013
I can tell this is going to win or be nominated for some awards.!
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