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In India, an encounter with a starving child and her father changes the life of a college student.
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Not Today - great message

By leedc
Great message, creative subtitling. The story needs to be shared, and people here need a chance to involve themselves in something outside themselves and beyond something that's just mind-numbing. ...

well made, not for small children

By annajacq
I think this was a beautiful multifaceted movie. Not only exposing the enormity and horror of the child sex trade but also took a self important, entitled young man who thinks that God has turned His...

Your heart will change

By rdvt4me
Great movie! You can see God working on his heart and a transformation happen that will change a young man's life. Your heart will break for the Dalit people....

Important message - must see!

By Debbiedo28
Based on horrible events that happen every day around the world, this was a well written and acted depiction of human traffiicking. I was in tears several times as I witnessed the heart wrenching...

Not Today

By FandoMovies4trw
This is a must see for everyone, in my opinion. It's a movie with a purpose, and does an excellent job of bringing awareness to a very real tragic situation in our world. I thought it was very well...

Not Today

By Pooh's reviews
Well worth the price of admission! An eye opening well done presentation of "human trafficking" that informs as well as gets you involved in the story line! Makes me think twice about checking the...

Well done!

By TexasLee
While the cliché Christian responses seems slightly forced in places, overall a great movie! I loved the contract between the entitled young American and the poor Indian man and their unlikely...

Need to see it

By thomasflan
Is this Academy Award material? Absolutely not. The movie effectively tells a story about a tragic reality in our world, human trafficking. The movie was not designed to showcase the best actors...

A Must see!

By Wallmanyhats1
This movie is unique! Very clever subtitles! It provides information about an unknown problem, or at least a problem that I had never heard about. Very well done! A must see!...


By winchriserta
Warning: This is not a REAL movie. It's extremely CHRISTIAN. The characters of this poorly written screenplay spend more time talking about their relationship to God than much of anything else. I was...

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Rated PG-13 | For for mature thematic material