Not Easily Broken

By duvall123
Written December 19, 2008
This film was dynamic. Very good actors and actresses. It was thought provoking. Jennifer Lewis kept you on the edge with the way she speaks to Dave. The depiction of the single mother needing a mentor for her son and a friend for herself is very real to life in some cases. Overall this film really captivated the audience. No violence, some profanity, but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. Great Job TD and Morris Chestnut and the entire cast...I was so blessed to be in attendance to this great film. I will be there on January 9th to help support greatness... Looking forward to the next one.
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good message

Written January 13, 2009
The message of the movie was good. I felt they could have gone deeper with every aspect of it and in doing so the film would have felt more real.
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Not Easily Broken

By zholmes
Written December 17, 2008
This is how you make a movie! I loved it, loved it, loved it. I had a chance to see the pre-screening and it was great. This is a movie that will have you laughing, crying and ready to take your relationship to the next level. This movie is for everyone. It's not churchy, it's not just a black film but it's for everyone. Go see it opening weekend.
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Not Easily Broken

By mamaval
Written January 05, 2009
This movie is one I look forward to seeing, Bishop T.D.Jakes, usually has a great storyline and heart felt story to enjoy, life is hard and when someone conquers there hardship it is worth seeing and hoping for....thanks for GREAT movies to see not just violence and sex.....
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By The Apostle of God
Written January 11, 2009
This movie had a star studded cast but the storyline was a little weak.
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