awesome little indie gem and what a twist!

By garrettminx
Written May 14, 2009
Not forgotten was a very visceral experience from beginning to end. I'm so glad I heard about it on the internet and decided to give it a chance. It was pretty confusing in the beginning but they managed to tie everything up pretty well in the end. Compared with the spate of wolverine crap out right now this is a very refreshing change. You'll also like the bad**s simon baker that you wouldn't normally see on TV doing some pretty nefarious type stuff.
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I really liked it

By jgrayson1815
Written May 14, 2009
Saw it with my boyfriend last weekend in Austin and thought it was fantastic. Simon Baker looked great and I loved the super crazy ending. Usually im pretty good at guessing movie endings but I had no idea how this was going to end. it kept getting crazier and crazier.
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Great storyline and acting

By findtina
Written June 02, 2009
I was fortunate to see an early screening of this movie. The storyline was very unique and the plot kept me intrigued throughout the movie. The ending surprised me - was not what I expected! This movie had a nice blend of thriller with real-world elements. Definitely a must-see!
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Not Forgotten - must own

By CarryGRL
Written October 29, 2009
Simon Baker (of tv's The Mentalist) and Paz Vega deliver solid performances in this unique action / thriller / mystery / suspense film. The film makers take viewers on journey through a kidnapping, confusion and the dark cult of La Santa Muerte. A great addition to my personal library - I'll be picking it up next week on DVD when it's released. If you are wondering what this La Santa Muerte is all about there is eve a website dedicated to it's origins: [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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