North by Northwest

By Phillip Vandamm
Written February 26, 2017
The best of Hitchcock. Cary Grant and James Mason at their best. With Bernard Hermann's great score it is glorious on the big screen. This is what adventure movies should be.
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By lucile25
Written April 13, 2014
Eva Marie Saint and Cary Grant are absolutely fabulous in the Hitch movie: a must see on big screen!
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NORTH BY NORTHWEST - One Way Street To Suspense!!

By lugubriousthespian
Written May 14, 2009
Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 classic NORTH BY NORTHWEST is his quintessential man-on-the-run-from-the-law-attempting-to-prove-his-innocence theme put into high gear with Cary Grant as a Madison Ave ad exec wrongly identified as a spy then implicated in the murder of a UN ambassador. From there on it is full throttle all the way with one gloriously orchestrated action scene after another - the crop dusting plane on the open prairie road and of course the famous Mt Rushmore climax. James Mason and a very young Martin Landau play the conspicuously gay baddies and ravishing Eva Marie Saint picks up where Ingrid Berman left of in NOTORIOUS as the double agent suddenly finding herself in danger. Clever dialogue throughout this enormously entertaining film. The perfect outing to snare one who is not already a Hitchcock aficionado!!! GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE STILL IMPRESSIONABLE!! :)
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By firesun
Written February 06, 2013
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By moviegrannie1
Written May 30, 2012
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