Norman Foster
Date of Birth
Dec 13, 1900
Birth Place:
Richmond, IN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1974 Richard Crenna Double Solitaire
1974 Harold Gould Double Solitaire
1942 Joseph Cotten Journey into Fear
1942 Orson Welles Journey into Fear
1942 Dolores Del Rio Journey into Fear
1942 Agnes Moorehead Journey into Fear
1942 Hans Conried Journey into Fear
1942 Bill Roberts Journey into Fear
1942 Richard Bennett Journey into Fear
1942 Ruth Warrick Journey into Fear
1942 Everett Sloane Journey into Fear
1942 Stefan Schnabel Journey into Fear
1941 Cecil Parker Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Derrick de Marney Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Anton Walbrook Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Michael Rennie Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Sally Gray Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Guy Middleton Dangerous Moonlight
1941 Robert Beatty Dangerous Moonlight
1941 John Laurie Dangerous Moonlight
1936 Lynn Bari Everybody's Old Man
1936 Rochelle Hudson Everybody's Old Man
1936 Johnny Downs Everybody's Old Man
1936 Donald Meek Everybody's Old Man
1936 Walter Walker Everybody's Old Man
1936 Walter Pidgeon Fatal Lady
1936 Edgar Kennedy Fatal Lady
1936 Ward Bond Fatal Lady
1936 Ruth Donnelly Fatal Lady
1936 Edward Van Sloan Fatal Lady
1936 Alan Mowbray Fatal Lady
1936 John Halliday Fatal Lady
1936 Hattie McDaniel High Tension
1936 Joe Sawyer High Tension
1936 Glenda Farrell High Tension
1936 Brian Donlevy High Tension
1936 Bruce Mitchell I Cover Chinatown
1936 Arthur Lake I Cover Chinatown
1936 Ian Wolfe The Leavenworth Case
1936 Carl Stockdale The Leavenworth Case
1936 Belle Mitchell The Leavenworth Case
1935 Pat O'Malley Behind the Evidence
1935 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Behind the Green Lights
1935 Purnell Pratt Behind the Green Lights
1935 Ford Sterling Behind the Green Lights
1935 Gilbert Roland Elinor Norton
1935 Claire Trevor Elinor Norton
1935 Stanley Andrews Escape from Devil's Island
1935 Herbert Heywood Escape from Devil's Island
1935 Victor Jory Escape from Devil's Island
1935 Florence Rice Escape from Devil's Island
1935 Frank Lackteen Escape from Devil's Island
1935 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. The Firetrap
1935 Ben Alexander The Firetrap
1935 George "Gabby" Hayes The Hoosier Schoolmaster
1935 Joe Bernard The Hoosier Schoolmaster
1935 Edward Peil Sr. Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Herbert Heywood Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Max Wagner Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Purnell Pratt Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Emma Dunn Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 George "Gabby" Hayes Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Esther Ralston Ladies Crave Excitement
1935 Mary Carlisle Superspeed
1935 Robert Middlemass Superspeed
1935 Florence Rice Superspeed
1935 Charles Grapewin Superspeed
1934 Herbert Mundin Orient Express
1934 Ralph Morgan Orient Express
1934 Dorothy Burgess Orient Express
1934 Heather Angel Orient Express
1934 Una O'Connor Orient Express
1934 Fredrik Vogeding Orient Express
1934 Franklin Pangborn Strictly Dynamite
1934 Eugene Pallette Strictly Dynamite
1934 Sterling Holloway Strictly Dynamite
1934 Jimmy Durante Strictly Dynamite
1934 Jackie Searl Strictly Dynamite
1934 Lupe Velez Strictly Dynamite
1934 Berton Churchill Strictly Dynamite
1934 Stanley Fields Strictly Dynamite
1934 William Gargan Strictly Dynamite
1933 Edmund Gwenn The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Dudley Digges The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Lucile Watson The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 William Stack The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Melville Cooper The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Maureen O'Sullivan The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Reginald Owen The Bishop Misbehaves
1933 Robert Warwick Pilgrimage
1933 Betty Blythe Pilgrimage
1933 Hedda Hopper Pilgrimage
1933 Heather Angel Pilgrimage
1933 Charles Grapewin Pilgrimage
1933 Franklin Pangborn Professional Sweetheart
1933 Betty Furness Professional Sweetheart
1933 Akim Tamiroff Professional Sweetheart
1933 ZaSu Pitts Professional Sweetheart
1933 Ginger Rogers Professional Sweetheart
1933 Sterling Holloway Professional Sweetheart
1933 Frank McHugh Professional Sweetheart
1933 Gregory Ratoff Professional Sweetheart
1933 Lucien Littlefield Professional Sweetheart
1933 Grace Hayle Professional Sweetheart
1933 Edgar Kennedy Professional Sweetheart
1933 Allen Jenkins Professional Sweetheart
1933 George Sidney Rafter Romance
1933 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Rafter Romance
1933 Sidney Miller Rafter Romance
1933 Ginger Rogers Rafter Romance
1933 Laura Hope Crews Rafter Romance
1933 Robert Benchley Rafter Romance
1933 Lew Ayres State Fair
1933 Ruth Warren State Fair
1933 Victor Jory State Fair
1933 Will Rogers State Fair
1933 Frank Craven State Fair
1933 Doro Merande State Fair
1933 Frank Melton State Fair
1933 Sally Eilers State Fair
1933 Louise Dresser State Fair
1933 Janet Gaynor State Fair
1933 Ralph Morgan Walls of Gold
1933 Emma Dunn Walls of Gold
1933 Sally Eilers Walls of Gold
1933 Rochelle Hudson Walls of Gold
1932 Claire Dodd Alias the Doctor
1932 John St. Polis Alias the Doctor
1932 Richard Barthelmess Alias the Doctor
1932 Boris Karloff Alias the Doctor
1932 Boris Karloff The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood
1932 Emma Dunn The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood
1932 George Sidney The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood
1932 Stanley Fields Girl of the Rio
1932 Leo Carrillo Girl of the Rio
1932 Dolores Del Rio Girl of the Rio
1932 Nat Pendleton Play Girl
1932 Elizabeth Patterson Play Girl
1932 Guy Kibbee Play Girl
1932 Loretta Young Play Girl
1932 James Ellison Play Girl
1932 Dorothy Burgess Play Girl
1932 Edward Van Sloan Play Girl
1932 Marie Dressler Prosperity
1932 Wallace Ford Prosperity
1932 Eric Wilton Skyscraper Souls
1932 Wallace Ford Skyscraper Souls
1932 Maureen O'Sullivan Skyscraper Souls
1932 Gregory Ratoff Skyscraper Souls
1932 George Barbier Skyscraper Souls
1932 Edward S. Brophy Skyscraper Souls
1932 Warren William Skyscraper Souls
1932 Purnell Pratt Skyscraper Souls
1932 Veree Teasdale Skyscraper Souls
1932 Hedda Hopper Skyscraper Souls
1932 Henry Roquemore Skyscraper Souls
1932 Jean Hersholt Skyscraper Souls
1932 Larry Steers Skyscraper Souls
1932 Billy Gilbert Skyscraper Souls
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Steady Company
1932 ZaSu Pitts Steady Company
1932 Richard Bennett Strange Justice
1932 Larry Steers Strange Justice
1932 Walter Brennan Strange Justice
1932 Reginald Denny Strange Justice
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Under Eighteen
1932 Regis Toomey Under Eighteen
1932 Emma Dunn Under Eighteen
1932 Claire Dodd Under Eighteen
1932 Warren William Under Eighteen
1932 Aline MacMahon Week-End Marriage
1932 J. Carrol Naish Week-End Marriage
1932 Grant Mitchell Week-End Marriage
1932 Loretta Young Week-End Marriage
1932 George Brent Week-End Marriage
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Week-End Marriage
1932 Roscoe Karns Week-End Marriage
1931 Ethan Laidlaw City Streets
1931 Gary Cooper City Streets
1931 Edward J. Le Saint City Streets
1931 Guy Kibbee City Streets
1931 Wynne Gibson City Streets
1931 Sylvia Sidney City Streets
1931 Hal Price City Streets
1931 Stanley Fields City Streets
1931 William "Wild Bill" Elliott City Streets
1931 Paul Lukas City Streets
1931 Sylvia Sidney Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Bruce Cabot Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Bing Crosby Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 George Irving Confessions of a Co-Ed
1931 Carole Lombard It Pays to Advertise
1931 Louise Brooks It Pays to Advertise
1931 Frank Coghlan, Jr. It Pays to Advertise
1931 Lucien Littlefield It Pays to Advertise
1931 Eugene Pallette It Pays to Advertise
1931 Adolphe Menjou Men Call It Love
1931 Leila Hyams Men Call It Love
1931 Hedda Hopper Men Call It Love
1931 Frank S. Hagney No Limit
1931 Mischa Auer No Limit
1931 Stuart Erwin No Limit
1931 Clara Bow No Limit
1931 Louis Natheaux Reckless Living
1931 Marie Prevost Reckless Living
1931 George "Slim" Summerville Reckless Living
1931 Ricardo Cortez Reckless Living
1931 Mae Clarke Reckless Living
1931 Frank S. Hagney Reckless Living
1931 Louise Beavers Reckless Living
1931 Lilyan Tashman Up Pops the Devil
1931 Guy Oliver Up Pops the Devil
1931 Stuart Erwin Up Pops the Devil
1931 Carole Lombard Up Pops the Devil
1930 Lester Cole Love at First Sight
1930 Claudette Colbert Young Man of Manhattan
1930 Charlie Ruggles Young Man of Manhattan
1930 Ginger Rogers Young Man of Manhattan
1929 Charlie Ruggles Gentlemen of the Press
1929 Kay Francis Gentlemen of the Press
1929 Brian Donlevy Gentlemen of the Press
1929 Walter Huston Gentlemen of the Press
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