No Reservations... For my wife!!

By Laser___
Written July 26, 2007
This is definitely a chick flick... My wife begged me to buy tickets to the sneak preview of this. Forget that I have been working hard and long hours, and wanted to go see "Tranformers" as any manly breadwinner who hasn't seen a movie in 2 months, my wife insisted and as usual, we compromised and went to the movie she wanted to see (secret to 24 plus year marriage # 2). She absolutely loved this movie, cried many times, and was absorbed into the story and characters completely. The characters were real, (at least for 40 somethings like us), self absorbed professionals with no time for a new kid in the mix. The movie had conflicts, but all was resolved and happiness prevailed. My wife could not stop talking about it on the way home. Sorry Optimus Prime, I'll see you on DVD! Laser>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Out.
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No Reservations

By servillo
Written August 03, 2007
I enjoyed this movie. My husband and 10yr old joined me. The 10 yr old was a little squirley during the show but he had just went and seen the Simpson movie a day before. My husband and I enjoyed the movie although I wasn't prepared for the sad parts in the movie. I expected it to be more about a resturant and it was a lot about the little girl and the lose she was going through.
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By spiffyjimmy90
Written July 17, 2007
When I first heard about this film, I was a bit frustrated. I had seen the german version, "bella martha" (mostly martha) and didn't like that they were making an american version. After watching the trailer and reading the plot synopsis, the film looks like it was well done.
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Dull remake of great German movie "Mostly Martha"

By maestroperu
Written July 27, 2007
This is a dull remake of a absolutely fantastic German movie called "Mostly Mattha", from around 2002. The German version was very well made. Why does Hollywood have to ruin foreign movies with their dumb remakes? To please people who don't like subtitles?
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it looks CUTE!!!!!!!!

By babygirl_vanessa
Written July 09, 2007
i think it looks cute. i love movies like that. and it has Catherine Zeta-Jones duh. i love the moveis she does. and gurls there's a HOTTIE:(Aaron Eckhart)!!!!!!! well i'm going to go see it i dont know about yall but it looks good.
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