Norbit Synopsis
A henpecked husband's (Eddie Murphy) childhood sweetheart (Thandie Newton) moves back to town.
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Hilarious movie

By Kobeisthebest24
Funny from beginning to end. Its not bad, like the dumb critics are saying, Eddie Murphy is great as always....

How You Doin'

By ann79thcourt
Norbit is probably the funniest movie I have ever seen! Eddie Murphy did a great job playing Rasputia, Norbit, and the unforgetable.. Mr.Wong! My favorite parts were when Mr.Wong's toast at the...

Run for your lives!

By clobberingpunk
Norbit has its moments, but for the most part it just drags on and you loose interest. The first 20 minutes is probably the best part of the movie, i praise eddie murphy for being able to play 3...


By ggbull
sometimes i see a lot of fat people in my neighborhood some times like that but that was a funny movie dont let the so so fool you....

oh my goodness

By acting4life
It isnt really that funny, there are a few funny parts at most. It just gives you a feeling of pitty and of being trapped for norbits sake. ew. Don't go....


By glxy
gross and sick but funny...

Crass and Crude

By ralphrainwater
After watching the preview on Fandango, I decided this film must be "The Nutty Professor" with a slightly more adult twist. So I took my ten year old son for an Easter outing. After forty minutes, I...


By uncle_kevin
My 8-year-old nephew chose this film. I think we were both bored through most of it. Eddie Murphy has some funny moments as the selfish over-bearing and morbidly obese Rasputia and the film picks up...


By marykash
It was slow and not funny. The best parts were shown on TV commericals. I went with my whole family and everyone was disappointed....

Fabulously Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By MzPianoKeyz
I love this movie! It is the funniest movie I've seen in years. I love Eddie Murphy's crazy personality and sense of humor. He is so good at portraying real life people! I actually know a few...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual humor, some nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Another fat suit for Murphy, another bad movie.
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