Nora's Will Synopsis
A woman's suicide at Passover creates complications for her ex-husband (Fernando Luján) and family.

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By tsyiganye
The Spanish title Cinco Dias Sin Nora should have been the film's actual name. It seemed like we spent Five Days watching the movie! Frankly, I was ready to grab the shovel and dig the grave...

beautiful, well-crafted movie

By robbie56
i loved this film. it describes multiple culture clashes in the most loving, sensitive way. it's a very quiet film, well-paced, thoughtful, creatively done. highly introspective, there is...

Nora's Will has won many international film awards

By IsaDesOsiers
I saw this at the Portland International Film Festival and it is a unique Mexican film. It plays like a really good Truffaut or Alain Renais film, almost French in its sensibilities but with a little...


By lynn small
A character driven film that really held my attention. I thought the details were brilliant and it gave me time to consider them rather than fast cutting me through. It also leaves you...

Five Word Review

By Gale26
touching smart and surprisingly funny...

Nora's Will

By rater65
Fun, mildly bizarre but worth the two hours....

Poignant, Sometimes Humorous

By mylesfire
I liked "Nora's Will" very much. Makes its points about reaching out beyond the grave (so to speak), a soured marriage with an unshakable connection, moral defects within conservative religion, and...

Nora's Will

By frandanis
I expected a little more drama, emotion - refreshing to see a NON- Hollywood movies! Thank you Angelika Theatre in Dallas for showing these films...

Nora's Will

By cmrish
A topic such as it is, so well handled, could have been morbid, but the realistic comedic reality of it made it , entertaining, and touched on the irony, and falsity of religion, and how it brings...