Nora Nicholson
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1889

Worked With

Year Name Title
1971 Jean Simmons Say Hello to Yesterday
1969 Patrick Macnee Avengers: All Done With Mirrors
1968 Leonard Rossiter Diamonds for Breakfast
1968 Bill Fraser Diamonds for Breakfast
1968 Rita Tushingham Diamonds for Breakfast
1968 Charles Lloyd Pack Diamonds for Breakfast
1968 Marcello Mastroianni Diamonds for Breakfast
1965 Eric Pohlmann Joey Boy
1965 Norman Rossington Joey Boy
1965 Thorley Walters Joey Boy
1965 Moira Lister Joey Boy
1965 Percy Herbert Joey Boy
1965 Bill Fraser Joey Boy
1965 Bill Shine Joey Boy
1965 Basil Dignam Joey Boy
1964 Patrick Macnee Avengers: Build A Better Mousetrap
1964 Honor Blackman Avengers: Build A Better Mousetrap
1964 William Sylvester Devil Doll
1963 Laurence Naismith The Three Lives of Thomasina
1963 Patrick McGoohan The Three Lives of Thomasina
1963 Wilfrid Brambell The Three Lives of Thomasina
1963 Finlay Currie The Three Lives of Thomasina
1960 Nadia Gray The Captain's Table
1960 Reginald Beckwith The Captain's Table
1960 Maurice Denham The Captain's Table
1960 Peggy Cummins The Captain's Table
1960 James Hayter The Captain's Table
1960 John Gregson The Captain's Table
1960 Joan Sims The Captain's Table
1960 Richard Wattis The Captain's Table
1960 Harry Locke The Captain's Table
1960 John Le Mesurier The Captain's Table
1960 Miles Malleson The Captain's Table
1960 James Robertson Justice Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Anne Heywood Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Daniel Massey Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Reginald Beckwith Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Michael Craig Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Barbara Steele Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Joan Sims Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Claudia Cardinale Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Jean Cadell Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Eric Pohlmann Upstairs and Downstairs
1958 John Le Mesurier Law and Disorder
1958 Alastair Sim Law and Disorder
1958 Lionel Jeffries Law and Disorder
1958 Robert Morley Law and Disorder
1958 Reginald Beckwith Law and Disorder
1958 Sam Kydd Law and Disorder
1958 Michael Redgrave Law and Disorder
1958 George Coulouris Law and Disorder
1957 Reginald Beckwith Light Fingers
1957 Guy Middleton Light Fingers
1957 Kynaston Reeves Light Fingers
1957 Roland Culver Light Fingers
1957 Beatrice Varley Sea Wife
1957 Roddy Hughes Sea Wife
1957 John Wood Sea Wife
1957 Richard Burton Sea Wife
1957 Basil Sydney Sea Wife
1957 Gibb McLaughlin Sea Wife
1956 Virginia McKenna A Town Like Alice
1956 Marie Lohr A Town Like Alice
1956 Geoffrey Keen A Town Like Alice
1956 Peter Finch A Town Like Alice
1955 Sam Kydd Raising a Riot
1955 Arthur Hill Raising a Riot
1955 Bill Shine Raising a Riot
1955 Victor Maddern Raising a Riot
1955 Kenneth More Raising a Riot
1952 Donald Houston Crow Hollow
1952 Harry Locke Tread Softly
1952 John Bentley Tread Softly
1952 John Laurie Tread Softly
1949 Donald Houston The Blue Lagoon
1949 Cyril Cusack The Blue Lagoon
1949 Russell Waters The Blue Lagoon
1949 James Hayter The Blue Lagoon
1949 Maurice Denham The Blue Lagoon
1949 Jean Simmons The Blue Lagoon
1949 Noel Purcell The Blue Lagoon
1949 Thora Hird Fools Rush In
1949 Sally Ann Howes Fools Rush In
1949 Googie Withers Once Upon a Dream
1949 Gibb McLaughlin Once Upon a Dream
1949 Maurice Denham Once Upon a Dream
1949 Guy Middleton Once Upon a Dream
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