No One's Life Is Easy (So I Married An Anti-Fan) Synopsis
When journalist Miaomiao Fang (Yuan Shanshan) accidentally snaps a photo of top Korean star Zhun Hou (Park Chanyeol) at a night club, she finds out more about his personal life than she bargained for.

Movie Reviews

You won't regret this.

By jessicadiscos
2 hours of nothing but Chanyeol speaking Chinese. Just see it. Just do it. Trust me. Just go....

So cute and funny!!

By kriztenfaithli
Chanyeol was so cute!!! ??????????...


By Califalcon
This movie was funny and sad at the same time. We honestly don't know how music artist can be so famous, but yet alone. I love this movie!!...

Funny yet romantic

By jinri90
Loved the movie! Mabel and Chanyeol are both so adorable :')...

It's good

By kthrnrios8
I love this movie! Mainly because Chanyeol is in it, but the chemistry could've been a bit better between the couple....

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Rated PG-13