No One Lives Synopsis
Backwoods bandits victimize a couple who are not nearly as helpless as they seem.
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I liked it, anyways...

By Bearfist
I was surprised to find this movie in the theater. It wasn't advertised anywhere but since I love this kind of movie I checked it out. Small crowd since it was Friday and most people were going to...

The Title's NOT True...The Director Lives...Too Bad!

By Al P
No one but a ghoul would enjoy this trash. Violent, gruesome and completely without a story or plot...plainly put, call it blood porn and leave it there. Skip this vile depiction of sadistic...

Don't know what to think

By searchn4sophia385
Essentially, this movie is just another slasher film, but with a plot shift that makes things kind of different and therefore interesting. Unfortunately some of the dialogue was bad even for a cheesy...

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By ZuriNayeem
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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, disturbing images, pervasive language and some sexuality/nudity