By 217allen
Written March 03, 2014
It wasn't the best suspense movie, it was just ok. I would wait until it came out in Red Box, not a "Date Night Movie."
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By slogan957
Written March 02, 2014
Good action - some of it is situations that stretch the imagination, but overall a good movie and Liem is always excellent in these type of roles.
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By susanprimrose
Written March 02, 2014
Keeps you on the edge of your seat. You have no clue until the end who the killer is...keep guessing. Action packed adventure with a good plot.
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Non Stop

By hkatlein
Written March 02, 2014
A lot of action, certainly not believable but kept my interest even though the plot was too convoluted. Liam Neisen was certainly himself, very dramatic. Good action movie but not great.
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Suspense thriller

By sue99
Written March 02, 2014
If you love traveling on the airplane, it'd be a good start to enjoy the story.. This movie isn't about gun or bomb actions. It's a thriller ! If you like to guess who is the bad guy(s), the twist at the end, this is an absolute go-to-movie..
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