Flight delayed

By FilmFan616
Written March 04, 2014
The marketing team deserves an honorable mention for the trailers and publicity. I was really excited about this movie and expected much more. My honest appraisal of "Non-Stop" was it fell a little flat. Liam Neesom did a decent job playing the downtrodden protagonist with a miserable personal life doing his best to be an honorable man. Still something was missing. There were moments of suspense and thrills... only moments.
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non stop ignorance

By ewells187
Written January 21, 2016
Wait for DVD. The acting was bad. The story and twist were unbelievable. The cockpit was not even close to what the real plane looks like. Air Force One is Oscar worthy next to this film.
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Airport 2014

By darc9
Written January 29, 2015
In the tradition of Airport and all of the other disaster in the sky action flicks Non-Stop keeps you guessing. Sure it gets a little ridiculous but don't all films like this? Just enjoy the flight. Lady Mary (MIchelle Dockery) makes for a kick-***flight attendant!
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By 217allen
Written March 03, 2014
It wasn't the best suspense movie, it was just ok. I would wait until it came out in Red Box, not a "Date Night Movie."
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The critics are idiots!

By dannypants
Written March 01, 2014
There is a very taut, exciting film! The critics are idiots! There is one small hole in the plot that I won't give away, but it is easily overlooked. I could not take my eyes off the screen.
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