By regbra
Written January 21, 2016
We were reluctant to see "Non-Stop" because of the "So-So" ratings given by the critics. We are "So" glad that we ignored them and went anyway. "Non-Stop" is the most thrilling action-packed movie we've seen in a long time. Liam Neeson plays a troubled Air Marshall who struggles to find a villain who threatens to kill everyone on the flight...and starts doing so, one-by-one. Everyone on the flight is a suspect. In the end, the surprises make this even more enjoyable. "Non-Stop" is an entertaining flick that's well worth the time and cost.
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High flying Action packed thriller

By Marc DeLeon
Written May 29, 2016
In this action packed thriller staring Liam Neeson (Bill Marks) and Julianne Moore (Jen Summers) director Jaume Collet-Serra takes you on a high flying action packed edge of your seat flight of a lifetime. This movie features a plot twist that you wouldn't expect, this is no ordinary action movie this is an edge of your seat experience that will leave you breathless.
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Non stop

By wrc6101
Written May 31, 2016
Loved Liam Neeson! Thought provoking of phone technology, such fast moving show that it barely felt like movie just started then it was over! And wanted to see more!
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By earlr
Written June 29, 2016
Typical NIam movie these days. Non-stop action. The premise is someone on the plane is going to kill one person every twenty minutes until someone deposits $150 MM in his bank account. Lots of gratuitous violence. Audience moves from suspecting one character after another but, in the end, it left us wondering how various things were done by the perpetrator(s) without a very satisfactory explanation.
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Better than expected

By flick_dawg
Written November 02, 2016
Was not thrilled by the trailers but got a free pass and decided to see it anyway. I like Liam but his movies and acting are so flat and predictably one-dimensional that you know what to expect before you get there - this one doesn't break that pattern. The world is full of people texting and this movie is no different. Texting has made it to the big screen here which people will relate to consciously or not. The story wasn't believable but most moviegoers get locked into action and explosions so they will likely overlook this fact. Great movie for a Friday night DVD rental, matinee theater price, or snow day; but if the sun is shining I would hold off on this until the disc comes out.
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