Started Well, Ended Well, But The Middle...

By TMapou
Written May 25, 2008
The title of my review sums up my opinion of the movie in a nutshell. Yes, it starts out well, and ends well, but it was pretty boring and senseless for a significant stretch in the middle. It was like two different movies, with the middle part having little to no contribution to the rest of the movie, and a couple of scenes were clearly just in there for shock value. Basically, about 99% of the scenes with Margarita Levieva could've been cut, and I would have been pleased with the entertaining short film I had just watched. Her accent REALLY annoyed me (I do not know if that is how she speaks in real life, but either way, she sounded like "Natasha" from "Rocky & Bullwinkle"), but her character was annoying regardless of her accent, too. William Hurt, as the buffoonish, power-drunk mayor (seemed to be a "poke" at Giulliani), seemed so out of place--this role was very much beneath him. Tim Robbins was fine, but nothing special. If you're interested, wait to watch it on cable.
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written January 04, 2010
An Amusing Character Fights Back
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