No Impact Man Synopsis
An environmentalist and his family make a radical lifestyle change giving up toilet paper, electricity, and anything that will leave any sort of carbon footprint.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
At once noble and naive, earnest and a tad obnoxious.
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Film Threat

To sum up Beavan’s message, he’s not saying you should give up toilet paper. But you should give up what you can. Help any way you can. Do...
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

By Joe Williams
Succeeds as both advocacy and entertainment by focusing on the family.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
It’s like Sinatra said: If you can make (do without) it there, you can make (do without) it anywhere. The movie leaves it up to you.
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San Francisco Chronicle

It may not be the greatest of cinematic exercises, and it often feels contrived, but this documentary somehow is enlightening, ridiculous,...
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By Mark Jenkins
It's even harder being the semi-supportive wife, which is what generates most of the electricity in this slight but entertaining...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Gabbert and Schein keep the focus on their subjects, interpreting their struggles through the ups and downs in the couple's relationship as...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
The film makes little sense (the couple refuses to ride subways, but Metro-North is OK), but it's a diverting conversation piece/freak show.
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Time Out New York

By Nicolas Rapold
Eventually runs out of gas--or rather, pedal-power--as the filmmakers grope for how to cap the Beavans’ story.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
The efforts of Beavan's clan are so extreme that they spark some interest, but their environmental commitment feels a bit too self-serving...
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Too short

By ArchCast
The subject matter always interests me as I always wonder how much environmental impact is produced from consumption and disposal of consumer goods. This film presented different facets being faced:...

No Impact Man

By mekwall
Terrific documentary for someone who is not a fan of documentarys. Topic presented with humor and humanity. A movie that really on time-and I hope to see wider distribution....

Tiny family. Big impact.

By katebabb
A must-see. Heartwarming and funny. I could not love this movie more....


By razmatazern
It was nice seeing how a family could completely change their lifestyle for a year and watching the progress of their journey seemed heartfelt and honest. The whole process was not just a straight up...

No Impact Man

By lyoshida
Great food for thought. Shows how one family pushed the envelope in green living to extreme measures and in the end found themselves able to maintain more simplicity than they probably had imagined...

No Impact Man

By kj10538
The movie is provocative, which is what I think makes a film memorable. I won't forget it and I've found myself talking about it quite a bit. It made me think and is continuing to do so. I'd...

Creative filmmaking!

By anndemarais
This movie has many layers - the filmmakers surface the subtle psychological and social dynamics underlying the political message in a creative way....