No Good Deed Synopsis
A stranger charms his way into a woman's home and terrorizes her and her children.
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By Inkoo Kang
[A] perfectly serviceable thriller.
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Los Angeles Times

By Gary Goldstein
It’s a little dumb (OK, maybe more than a little), but No Good Deed is an otherwise brisk, efficient thriller that won’t punish audiences...
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Entertainment Weekly

There's an intriguing premise buried in there that could have resulted in a smart look inside the mind of a malignant narcissist (which, the...
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Time Out New York

Director Sam Miller’s attempt to take us on a thrill ride feels more like a slow train pulling up to the station.
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By Dennis Harvey
Ensuing action is tamely PG-13 in terms of graphic violence. Despite competent performances and packaging, dialogue and situations in Aimee...
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McClatchy-Tribune News Service

By Roger Moore
Would No Good Deed have anything worth talking about without the Ray Rice sucker punch tie-in? Barely.
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New York Magazine (Vulture)

By Bilge Ebiri
It’s certainly not good. But it’s not entirely dire.
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The Dissolve

By Andrew Lapin
To the film’s mild credit, it’s the rare woman-in-peril thriller where the woman takes intelligent steps to defend herself.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Elba, who recruited his former Luther director Miller into the project, gives the film more dignity than it deserves, and Henson delivers a...
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By Peter Sobczynski
In order to keep the flimsy narrative going, both allegedly brilliant characters are forced to act like morons throughout.
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no good deed

By taheerah2
the movie was great, had me on the edge of my sit, mouth open. I would go and see this again....


By acljones

By lsheats
Excellent movie....full of action and suspense!...

By mpw114643
This movie was excellent! I had a few jumpy moments. Both Idris and Tarjai delivered! Bone chilling. A must see!...

chris 812

By onepeele2see
I loved this movie!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It's a must see!...


By aaribby2k10
It was overall amazing thriller! Great! Great great great !! Movie!!! Must see!...

No Good Deed

By jonihaynes
I really like this film! The actors are very believable, and the intensity is edge of your seat level. I can usually figure out the twists and turns of any movie, but this one fooled me completely...

By vanessaperez42
I really liked this movie! I had read some reviews that weren't all that good. And I was really iffy about going to watch the movie, but I decided to give it a chance and it was a really good movie!...

No Good Deed

By ssshawanda
Great Movie! Taraji has really stepped her game up! She was awesome. Idris played that crazy part to a "T"!!...

No Good Deed

By tsbryan7
This movie was full of suspense. Every scene pulled you in. My eyes were glued wandering what would happen next. I absolutely loved it. A must see with your best girlfriends....

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Rated PG-13 | For Sequences of Violence, Menace, Language and Terror
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Not for kids Women, children in peril in truly terrible thriller.
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