Noel Purcell
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1900
Birth Place:

Worked With

Year Name Title
1973 Dominique Sanda The Mackintosh Man
1973 Niall MacGinnis The Mackintosh Man
1973 Michael Hordern The Mackintosh Man
1973 Nigel Patrick The Mackintosh Man
1973 Paul Newman The Mackintosh Man
1973 James Mason The Mackintosh Man
1973 Eddie Byrne The Mackintosh Man
1973 Ian Bannen The Mackintosh Man
1973 Harry Andrews The Mackintosh Man
1973 Percy Herbert The Mackintosh Man
1973 Leo Genn The Mackintosh Man
1973 Roland Culver The Mackintosh Man
1971 Stanley Holloway Flight of the Doves
1971 Ron Moody Flight of the Doves
1971 Dorothy McGuire Flight of the Doves
1970 Brian Keith The McKenzie Break
1970 Ian Hendry The McKenzie Break
1970 Helmut Griem The McKenzie Break
1969 John Hurt Sinful Davey
1969 Brenda Fricker Sinful Davey
1969 Anjelica Huston Sinful Davey
1969 Nigel Davenport Sinful Davey
1969 Eddie Byrne Sinful Davey
1969 Niall MacGinnis Sinful Davey
1969 Robert Morley Sinful Davey
1969 Ronald Fraser Sinful Davey
1969 Tom Bell The Violent Enemy
1969 Ed Begley, Sr. The Violent Enemy
1969 Stanley Baker Where's Jack?
1969 Michael Douglas Where's Jack?
1969 Ivan Dixon Where's Jack?
1969 George Woodbridge Where's Jack?
1969 Eddie Byrne Where's Jack?
1969 Fiona Lewis Where's Jack?
1969 Alan Badel Where's Jack?
1969 Esmond Knight Where's Jack?
1966 James Robertson Justice Doctor in Clover
1966 Eric Barker Doctor in Clover
1966 Joan Sims Doctor in Clover
1966 Rosanna Schiaffino Drop Dead, Darling
1966 Jacqueline Bisset Drop Dead, Darling
1966 Tony Curtis Drop Dead, Darling
1966 Lionel Jeffries Drop Dead, Darling
1966 Mischa Auer Drop Dead, Darling
1965 Diana Rigg Avengers: A Surfeit of H2O
1965 Patrick Macnee Avengers: A Surfeit of H2O
1965 Daliah Lavi Lord Jim
1965 Curd Jürgens Lord Jim
1965 James Mason Lord Jim
1965 Serge Reggiani Lord Jim
1965 Jack Hawkins Lord Jim
1965 Eli Wallach Lord Jim
1965 Akim Tamiroff Lord Jim
1965 Peter O'Toole Lord Jim
1965 Andrew Keir Lord Jim
1965 Paul Lukas Lord Jim
1964 Norman Rossington Nurse on Wheels
1964 Joan Sims Nurse on Wheels
1964 George Woodbridge Nurse on Wheels
1964 Juliet Mills Nurse on Wheels
1963 Murray Melvin The Ceremony
1963 Ross Martin The Ceremony
1963 John Ireland The Ceremony
1963 Mia Farrow The Ceremony
1963 Laurence Harvey The Ceremony
1963 Sarah Miles The Ceremony
1963 Lee Patterson The Ceremony
1963 Fernando Rey The Ceremony
1963 Dana Wynter The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Clive Brook The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Frank Sinatra The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Marcel Dalio The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Gladys Cooper The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Kirk Douglas The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 John Huston The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Burt Lancaster The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 George C. Scott The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Tony Curtis The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Bernard Fox The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Herbert Marshall The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Robert Mitchum The List of Adrian Messenger
1963 Laurence Harvey The Running Man
1963 Felix Aylmer The Running Man
1963 Lee Remick The Running Man
1963 Fernando Rey The Running Man
1963 Alan Bates The Running Man
1963 Fortunio Bonanova The Running Man
1963 Eddie Byrne The Running Man
1963 Joan Sims The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Cecil Parker The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Roland Culver The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Brian Oulton The Swingin' Maiden
1963 George Woodbridge The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Jeff Donnell The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Alan Hale, Jr. The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Michael Craig The Swingin' Maiden
1963 Sam Kydd The Swingin' Maiden
1962 Cecil Parker The Iron Maiden
1962 Jeff Donnell The Iron Maiden
1962 Michael Craig The Iron Maiden
1962 Alan Hale, Jr. The Iron Maiden
1962 Percy Herbert Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Gordon Jackson Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Torin Thatcher Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Frank Silvera Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Chips Rafferty Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Trevor Howard Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Marlon Brando Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Henry Daniell Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Richard Harris Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Hugh Griffith Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Richard Haydn Mutiny on the Bounty
1962 Eddie Byrne Mutiny on the Bounty
1961 Reginald Beckwith Double Bunk
1961 Marianne Stone Double Bunk
1961 Graham Stark Double Bunk
1961 Liz Fraser Double Bunk
1961 Janette Scott Double Bunk
1961 Dennis Price Double Bunk
1961 Ian Carmichael Double Bunk
1961 Naunton Wayne Double Bunk
1961 Bill Shine Double Bunk
1961 Miles Malleson Double Bunk
1961 Yvonne Mitchell Johnny Nobody
1961 Niall MacGinnis Johnny Nobody
1961 Eddie Byrne Johnny Nobody
1961 John Welsh Johnny Nobody
1961 Aldo Ray Johnny Nobody
1961 Cyril Cusack Johnny Nobody
1961 William Bendix Johnny Nobody
1961 Nigel Patrick Johnny Nobody
1961 Vittorio De Sica The Millionairess
1961 Graham Stark The Millionairess
1961 Wally Patch The Millionairess
1961 Alastair Sim The Millionairess
1961 Peter Sellers The Millionairess
1961 Dennis Price The Millionairess
1961 Sophia Loren The Millionairess
1961 Hattie Jacques Watch Your Stern
1961 Eric Sykes Watch Your Stern
1961 Joan Sims Watch Your Stern
1961 Victor Maddern Watch Your Stern
1961 Eric Barker Watch Your Stern
1961 Spike Milligan Watch Your Stern
1960 Ron Moody Make Mine Mink
1960 Hattie Jacques Make Mine Mink
1960 Billie Whitelaw Make Mine Mink
1960 Terry-Thomas Make Mine Mink
1960 Kenny Williams Make Mine Mink
1960 Kenneth More Man in the Moon
1960 Michael Hordern Man in the Moon
1960 Charles Gray Man in the Moon
1960 Russell Waters Man in the Moon
1960 Eric Pohlmann No Kidding
1960 Brian Oulton No Kidding
1960 Tutte Lemkow Tommy the Toreador
1960 Kenny Williams Tommy the Toreador
1960 Eric Sykes Tommy the Toreador
1960 Bernard Cribbins Tommy the Toreador
1960 Charles Gray Tommy the Toreador
1960 Andrea Malandrinos Tommy the Toreador
1960 Janet Munro Tommy the Toreador
1959 Curd Jürgens Ferry to Hong Kong
1959 Sylvia Syms Ferry to Hong Kong
1959 Orson Welles Ferry to Hong Kong
1959 Richard Harris Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Dana Wynter Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Don Murray Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Glynis Johns Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Cyril Cusack Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Michael Redgrave Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Sybil Thorndike Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 Niall MacGinnis Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 James Cagney Shake Hands with the Devil
1959 John Le Mesurier Shake Hands with the Devil
1958 Oscar Homolka The Key
1958 Bernard Lee The Key
1958 William Holden The Key
1958 James Hayter The Key
1958 Trevor Howard The Key
1958 Bryan Forbes The Key
1958 Russell Waters The Key
1958 Kieron Moore The Key
1958 Sophia Loren The Key
1958 Peter Mamakos Merry Andrew
1958 Anna Maria Pier Angeli Merry Andrew
1958 Robert Coote Merry Andrew
1958 Rhys Williams Merry Andrew
1958 Danny Kaye Merry Andrew
1958 Liam Redmond Rooney
1958 John Gregson Rooney
1958 Barry Fitzgerald Rooney
1958 Eddie Byrne Rooney
1957 Geoffrey Keen Doctor at Large
1957 James Robertson Justice Doctor at Large
1957 Mervyn Johns Doctor at Large
1957 Derek Farr Doctor at Large
1957 Anne Heywood Doctor at Large
1957 George Coulouris Doctor at Large
1957 Lionel Jeffries Doctor at Large
1957 Brigitte Bardot Doctor at Large
1957 Dirk Bogarde Doctor at Large
1957 Martin Benson Doctor at Large
1957 Michael Medwin Doctor at Large
1957 Ernst Thesiger Doctor at Large
1957 Charles Lloyd Pack Doctor at Large
1957 Guy Middleton Doctor at Large
1957 Harry Locke Doctor at Large
1957 Reginald Beckwith Mad Little Island
1957 Roland Culver Mad Little Island
1957 John Laurie Mad Little Island
1957 Gordon Jackson Mad Little Island
1957 Ian Hunter Mad Little Island
1957 Jean Cadell Mad Little Island
1957 Carl Jaffe Mad Little Island
1957 Tyrone Power The Rising of the Moon
1957 Cyril Cusack The Rising of the Moon
1957 Edward Lexy The Rising of the Moon
1957 Denis O'Dea The Rising of the Moon
1956 Cyril Cusack Jacqueline
1956 Sam Kydd Jacqueline
1956 Liam Redmond Jacqueline
1956 John Gregson Jacqueline
1956 Kathleen Ryan Jacqueline
1956 Isobel Elsom Lust for Life
1956 James Donald Lust for Life
1956 Niall MacGinnis Lust for Life
1956 Laurence Naismith Lust for Life
1956 Madge Kennedy Lust for Life
1956 Belle Mitchell Lust for Life
1956 Pamela Brown Lust for Life
1956 Lionel Jeffries Lust for Life
1956 Henry Daniell Lust for Life
1956 Everett Sloane Lust for Life
1956 Kirk Douglas Lust for Life
1956 Anthony Quinn Lust for Life
1956 Marion Ross Lust for Life
1956 Jill Bennett Lust for Life
1956 Eric Pohlmann Lust for Life
1956 Joan Plowright Moby Dick
1956 Gregory Peck Moby Dick
1956 Bernard Miles Moby Dick
1956 Royal Dano Moby Dick
1956 Richard Basehart Moby Dick
1956 Orson Welles Moby Dick
1956 Tom Clegg Moby Dick
1956 Harry Andrews Moby Dick
1956 Leo Genn Moby Dick
1956 Christopher Lee Moby Dick
1956 James Robertson Justice Moby Dick
1956 Mervyn Johns Moby Dick
1955 Dirk Bogarde Doctor at Sea
1955 Martin Benson Doctor at Sea
1955 Geoffrey Keen Doctor at Sea
1955 Brigitte Bardot Doctor at Sea
1955 George Coulouris Doctor at Sea
1955 Maurice Denham Doctor at Sea
1955 Brenda de Banzie Doctor at Sea
1955 Michael Medwin Doctor at Sea
1955 Joan Sims Doctor at Sea
1955 James Robertson Justice Doctor at Sea
1955 Donald Wolfit Svengali
1955 Michael Craig Svengali
1955 Harry Secombe Svengali
1955 David Kossoff Svengali
1955 Hildegarde Neff Svengali
1955 Paul Rogers Svengali
1954 Jack Hawkins Land of Fury
1954 Ian Fleming Land of Fury
1954 Kenny Williams Land of Fury
1954 Glynis Johns Land of Fury
1954 George Woodbridge Mad About Men
1954 Marianne Stone Mad About Men
1954 Margaret Rutherford Mad About Men
1954 John Horsley Mad About Men
1954 Glynis Johns Mad About Men
1953 Eliot Makeham Decameron Nights
1953 Joan Fontaine Decameron Nights
1953 Louis Jourdan Decameron Nights
1953 Binnie Barnes Decameron Nights
1953 Godfrey Tearle Decameron Nights
1953 Nigel Patrick Grand National Night
1953 Russell Waters Grand National Night
1953 Moira Lister Grand National Night
1953 George Rose Grand National Night
1953 Michael Hordern Grand National Night
1953 Gibb McLaughlin Grand National Night
1952 Nick Cravat The Crimson Pirate
1952 Frederick Leister The Crimson Pirate
1952 Eliot Makeham The Crimson Pirate
1952 James Hayter The Crimson Pirate
1952 Christopher Lee The Crimson Pirate
1952 Dana Wynter The Crimson Pirate
1952 Burt Lancaster The Crimson Pirate
1952 Torin Thatcher The Crimson Pirate
1952 Harry Locke Father's Doing Fine
1952 Virginia McKenna Father's Doing Fine
1952 Richard Attenborough Father's Doing Fine
1952 Heather Thatcher Father's Doing Fine
1952 George Rose The Pickwick Papers
1952 Gibb McLaughlin The Pickwick Papers
1952 Joyce Grenfell The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hermione Baddeley The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hattie Jacques The Pickwick Papers
1952 Max Adrian The Pickwick Papers
1952 Donald Wolfit The Pickwick Papers
1952 Nigel Patrick The Pickwick Papers
1952 Kathleen Harrison The Pickwick Papers
1952 Hermione Gingold The Pickwick Papers
1952 James Hayter The Pickwick Papers
1952 James Donald The Pickwick Papers
1952 Bill Shine You Can't Beat the Irish
1952 Milo O'Shea You Can't Beat the Irish
1952 Niall MacGinnis You Can't Beat the Irish
1951 George Coulouris Appointment with Venus
1951 Anton Diffring Appointment with Venus
1951 Barry Jones Appointment with Venus
1951 John Horsley Appointment with Venus
1951 Johnnie Schofield Appointment with Venus
1951 Richard Wattis Appointment with Venus
1951 Basil Dignam Appointment with Venus
1951 Glynis Johns Appointment with Venus
1951 Bernard Lee Appointment with Venus
1951 Marianne Stone Appointment with Venus
1951 Kenneth More Appointment with Venus
1951 David Niven Appointment with Venus
1951 Heather Thatcher Encore
1951 Glynis Johns Encore
1951 John Laurie Encore
1951 John Horsley Encore
1951 Roland Culver Encore
1951 Nigel Patrick Encore
1951 Maureen O'Sullivan No Resting Place
1951 Michael Gough No Resting Place
1949 Donald Houston The Blue Lagoon
1949 James Hayter The Blue Lagoon
1949 Jean Simmons The Blue Lagoon
1949 Maurice Denham The Blue Lagoon
1949 Cyril Cusack The Blue Lagoon
1949 Russell Waters The Blue Lagoon
1949 Liam Redmond Saints and Sinners
1949 Eddie Byrne Saints and Sinners
1949 Kieron Moore Saints and Sinners
1949 Sam Kydd Saints and Sinners
1947 Ian Fleming Captain Boycott
1947 Robert Donat Captain Boycott
1947 Stewart Granger Captain Boycott
1947 Maurice Denham Captain Boycott
1947 Eddie Byrne Captain Boycott
1947 Mervyn Johns Captain Boycott
1947 Kathleen Ryan Captain Boycott
1947 Cecil Parker Captain Boycott
1947 Liam Redmond Captain Boycott
1947 Edward Lexy Captain Boycott
1947 Niall MacGinnis Captain Boycott
1947 Alastair Sim Captain Boycott
1935 Johnnie Schofield Jimmy Boy
1935 Guy Middleton Jimmy Boy
1926 Ralph Graves Blarney
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