overwhelming -- think about it.

By rosettamarie
Written March 25, 2008
Here's the deal with NCFOM: You will be incredibly frustrated at its conclusion... exactly as you should be. The message of this film, which plays out like a classic western in modern times, is suggested/implied; in fact, I sometimes felt that the Coen brothers didn't convey it efficiently. This movie is heavy on the symbolism, which really makes it a fantastic sample of screenplay. It also is executed well, with suspense at its best exhibited by the Coens. Javier Bardem gives a CHILLING performance -- one of the best I've ever seen. Overall, this is a movie about evil and a person's inability to escape it. The final scene, which is definitely a highly frustrating one, closes the film with much left to the viewer's thoughts, but it establishes the metaphor on which the entire movie is based. Not everyone who sees this film will enjoy it... it's really a story that has to be considered with patience. I do encourage that it be seen, however, for it truly is a thrilling piece.
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The sum of it gave me a So-So feeling

By H3OIndra
Written April 29, 2008
Sure there was some great acting, unique filmography, and well timed suspense, but the heights of the film balance out with the lows to leave me thinking, "eh, that wasn't that great." The way it culminated in the ending just plain sucked and the lack of character development for some or the insertion of pointless characters in certain scenes was just that - pointless.
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See it ONLY now that it is out on DVD.

By Cashmire12
Written April 14, 2008
See it on DVD. I wasn't hyped by the academy awards, I just saw it for the hell of it and I was upset that I saw it in the theatre. I walked out feeling jilted. I should have waited until it was out on DVD. It's the kind of artsy film that loses meaning on the big screen. You really need to watch it in the comfort of your own home by yourself or with a close friend to help figure out what is going on. The character Anton Chigurh is fun to watch and is very complex. It is an interesting movie, very weird but pretty entertaining. I will have to rent it and watch it again on my own.
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Coen Brother's Greatest Hits

By forloveoffilm
Written November 04, 2007
NCFOM, as a film, stands on its own. As an adaptation of a 'serious' novel, it remains faithful to the dialogue only. Of course the plot is there, but the forged-steel spine of moral ambiguity which author Cormac McCarthy infused novel is missing. The Coen's and longtime cinematographer Roger Deakins compose the shots with precise detail which work for the film, but are direct re-hash of material from previous film. The movie is a slam-bang-shoot-em-up action picture with moments of brutal violence and building tension. One of the great charms of the brothers’ previous works is their sharp sense of irony. With this film, sadly, they let the audience see them winking and letting us know how clever they are. What should be lines of dialogue which should send shivers down our spines are read as comedy. At least this was the response from the audience with whom I saw the film. The acting, music, sets, and of course cinematography are great! Though flawed, it is worth seeing.
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By lisagem100
Written August 12, 2015
This was the most rediculous movie I have ever seen. I would go as far to say it was the worst movie and just pissed me off. It was so borring, had no plot, and I don't know how anyone could say it was "amazing". I think that the only reason people say that is because it got all these good reviews and they just pretend like the got the "amazing message" just so people think they are all smart and deep. The acting in this movie wasn't even anything special. I don't understand why it is considered good acting when all you do is say like 5 words and then just shoot people...seriously, this movie ruined my night and wasted my money. I used to always say that the worst movie ever made was "Clifford", you know..that movie where Martin Short acts like a little kid and it kinda makes you want to shoot yourself...however, I am now forced to change my mind and I would say that "Clifford" should have won an oscar over this over-rated media garbage.
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