Written December 03, 2008
What a wonderful unexpected surprise! DEC. 2, 2008. This evening I attended the advance press screening of this unassuming well-paced thriller - and I was surprised by how well-crafted this gem of a movie turned out to be. Randall Miller(Director/Producer/Screenwriter - also of BOTTLE SHOCK) has a gift for story-telling. The story/plot is original - and unpredictable - and so satisfying till the end - helped by the awesome soundtrack by Paul Oakenfold, Mark Adler, and The Chemical Brothers. Alan Rickman is at the top of his game - and the rest of the cast (Bryan Greenberg, Shawn Hatosy, Bill Pullman, Mary Steenburgen, Danny Devito, Eliza Dushku) were EXCELLENT! VERDICT: Truly a fun satisfying movie! Highly-recommended! p/s I don't get how people who HAS NOT seen this movie(or any other movies) would even be able to rate it - definitely a question of integrity. RATE movies that you have ACTUALLY seen!
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By RandallVegas
Written December 02, 2008
Fast paced, well-written & directed, and an all-star can't go wrong with NOBEL SON this weekend. LOVED Alan Rickman as Eli Michaelson, who's a real cad but one that you can't help rooting for in the end.. 5 stars out of 5 !!
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Great flick!

By danobri
Written November 18, 2008
Saw it at Tribecca Film Festival. Glad it's finally hitting the theaters. Fast paced, devious characters, lots of dark humor... Alan Rickman at his best. Eliza Dushku is smoking! The music keeps the energy going as well. Loved it!
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Nobel Son

By jaguars_fan
Written December 06, 2008
This movie has more twists in it than a little girls braids! Just when you think you have it all figured out, you're on a new quest to figure it all out! What a great ride! Alan Rickman is perfect for the part he plays as Eli Michaelson! I don't know the man, but his portrayal of this charachter seems so natural that one has to wonder if this is how he is in real life! No matter, he does great as does Mary Steenburgen. While there are a couple of scenes that keep it from being family friendly, it is a very good who-dunnit and well worth seeing!
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Surprisingly great

By jen1234
Written December 10, 2008
My boyfriend wanted to go see this movie and so we went and I ended up enjoying it. I was really expecting it to be too violent for my liking but the plot-line carried the violence in a very enjoyable way. This was one of the best movies him and I have both liked in a while.
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