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Worst movie of the year

By jodyg332
Written September 07, 2014
This ruined the biblical account of what could have been a true blockbuster. Instead it is a bust! Crazy storyline with no truth associated with. To think the producer research the story of Noah for 10 years? He must have read the story from somewhere other than the bible. Don't waste your money on this one.
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Noah meets lord of the rings

By paget.tim
Written September 07, 2014
This movie is so awful. just do yourself a favor and give your $10 to a stranger. You'll at least leave feeling good and it will save your eyes from you wanting to poke them out.
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By JimPeters747
Written September 07, 2014
Only Hollywood could ruin such a wonderful story. Stay home and remember the story of Noah without "Rock Men" building the Arc and all the other twisted craziness.
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Words Cannot Describe

By barlowgirl16
Written September 07, 2014
Just incase you were wondering, NOAH IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER! It did God NO justice! The word "God" was not said once, and he was given no credit for many of the miracles performed in the movie. Plus, they made Noah look evil. He was killing people and I won't spoil the movie for anyone curious to see how awful the movie was, but it was bad. I nearly left the movie theatre. It was not biblical at all!!!!!!! However... Emma Watson was the highlight of the movie. Thumbs up to Emma! And Noah's sons were attractive. That is all. The director butchered the story of Noah. Who can write a story better than God himself?! The book was far better.
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By turtlewinsalot
Written September 07, 2014
Wow! Didn't follow the Bible and they made 90 percent of it up. They didn't even say "God", they said creator; and God didn't speak to Noah like in the bible. Noah didn't want anyone to survive the flood :/ Wait til it's on Redbox and only if you get a free code. :) Don't waste your money like I did.
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