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Absolute JUNK of a movie

By chanimal
Written September 07, 2014
Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT go to this movie--it was an absolute horrid script--I was shocked that four big stars would have been associated with it. Forget about literary license, after they introduced the giant stone characters "protectors" (they conveniently didn't show them in the previews) and the magical glowing snake skin, and only used the word "The Creator" (as though it wasn't even God), then I just changed my thinking and thought of it as science fiction--with a slight trace (10%) of the biblical Noah. But when Noah became a psycho killer--plotting the death of his family and newborn--then I just couldn't stop saying, "Good grief!" so often my wife had to shoosh me. Sure, the acting was fine (of course--look at the actors), but the entire storyline was a train wreck. The guy next to me walked out 2/3rds the way through. My wife wanted to keep seeing if it would get better--nope. The audience drug out of the theater like dead zombies. Dark movie. 5 out of 5 rotten tomatoes!
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Here's Noah!

By suemarie
Written September 07, 2014
Not your nursery story about giraffes on a big boat. Dark, sometimes disturbing version of the story of Noah, his family and his blind dedication. The movie really moved me. D. Aronofsky is an atheist and I suspect a vegetarian, so this is his "interpretation". Not for the little kids.
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What was all the Commotion about?

By donbrt
Written September 07, 2014
I do not see why there was such a fuss made about this movie and its apparent lack of reference to God. God is throughout the movie, though not named. It is a great study in discernment and turning yourself over to God.
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Must we delude the public?

By MCGreen
Written September 07, 2014
There is a deluge in biblical films flooding the silver screens. Christian religious organizations must be working overtime combating scholarly evidence posted on You Tube by biblical scholars such as Bart Ehrman, Richard Carrier, Earl Doherty....The evidence they present is fundamentally damaging to the core of the New Testament's validity. It's apparent that religious people maintaining their faith in the biblical scriptures are brainwashed culturally or by persuasive biblical preachers. Here are some scholarly verifiable facts: The New Testament was written in Greek by literate writers. The disciples would have written in Aramaic not Greek and they would not have been literate so they could not have written the biblical texts. Midrash shows blatant plagiarism of Old Testament tests with location and name changes. These stories of Noah, Jesus-Son of God... are myths and it is time people read and find the truth. Let's find God, abandon fiction or label it as such.
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By kilgorecj
Written August 23, 2014
This is the worst movie I have ever seen! It is supposed to be based on the book of Genesis from the Bible. There is no TRUTH to any of the stuff they portray in the movie. Just a bunch of Hollywood garbage glorifying a snake skin (which of course represents Satan), mans wickedness and portraying the fallen angels as more concerned and loving than our God. It greaves my spirit that they can get away with representing this a being true to the bible in any way. Deception of course is one of Satan's greatest tricks. Do not be deceived. DO NOT SUPPORT this garbage with your finances.
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