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Stupid and idiotic. Really.

By James160
Written November 18, 2014
This movie is a total disaster. The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from this movie is its makers set out to deliberately make fun of Christianity by making up cheap transformer nock offs, make believe flare guns, fictitious mining operations and blaming the fall of humanity on meat eaters. Hard to believe there was any intelligent design to this rubbish. The world would be a better place if you gave away the money you would spend on this to someone who really needs it. I sure wish I did.
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Bad from several viewpoints

By mixup956
Written November 18, 2014
The movie was publicized as a big action blockbuster. However when I saw the movie the day after it opened there were still a lot of empty seats. The acting was fairly good. Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly did a good job of acting. However the plot was bloated. The watchers, mentioned in Genesis and the apocryphal Books of Enoch, could have been a good dramatic device but showing them as CGI rock creatures, was a distraction and took away from the potential drama of their interaction with humans. The scene in which Noah got his vision of the flood after Methusala gave him hallucinogenic tea was silly. I am fine with some artistic license but this did not add to the drama. The whole section about the sexual tensions among Noah's sons was also a distraction. In the Biblical account all three sons went into the ark with their wives. The scene in which Noah starts to stab his infant granddaughters in their mother's arms was just plain revolting.
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By sheltie74
Written November 18, 2014
My husband and I were so disgusted with this movie we walked out. We accept some literary license but this was an almost total divergence from Genesis. We kept hoping it would redeem itself in time but when it looked like Noah was going to murder his grand child we could bear no longer.
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Love Russel but...

By juanlugo
Written November 18, 2014
This movie was dreadful. A review on tv said "If you loved The Gladiator" you will love this one. This movie is light years away from Gladiator. It's very hard to make this topic interesting which is why I wanted to see it in the first place. It wasn't inspiring, it didn't make you say "ahaaaa". It was just....boring. I wouldn't watch this again if they payed me.
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Looking for a Factual Account? This isn't it.

By lorrainehornig
Written November 18, 2014
"Noah" wasn't bad if viewed as a science fiction movie. There were a lot of liberties taken with this movie and some were downright ridiculous. The performances were very good and some of the special effects were cool. I especially liked when the animals came to the ark. I didn't get bored in the movie...but it wasn't exactly engrossing either. It was a little too brutal for my taste and Noah comes off like a lunatic instead of a man of God. My husband and I were disappointed on many levels.
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