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NOAH Should be "AH-NO"

By suthern51
Written November 18, 2014
Sorry I have contributed to the success of this movie. I appreciate Imagination but wish they hadn't used our Bible history to display their talents. It might confuse and mislead some. I don't think it wise to add to or take away from the teachings of the Bible.
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What an absolute waste of 2 1/2 hours!!

By swezey5
Written May 26, 2015
So critics say Go-Go and fans say No-No!! What an absolute disappointment. My husband and I watched the first set of people exit the theatre as we waited to watch the movie. We could not understand the weird looks on their faces or negative comments they were all making. Then we watched the movie. Wow, rock monsters!! Really??!! Laughable. Leave the Bible stories out of Greek Mythology and Sci-Fi. Also, why release it around Easter time when it really has nothing to do with the real story. As we watched the movie, about the first 15 minutes, multiple people got up and left the theatre. After the movie, we lined up to use the restroom and people looked so disappointed and started talking about how pitiful and weird this movie was. Later that evening, I found out my son and his buddies watched it too. His sentiments were exactly like everyone else we met. . . . What a waste of 2 1/2 hours of our time!
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You can only get away with changing so much!

By mom2121
Written November 18, 2014
I expected that the movie would take liberties and fill in the blanks. However, you cannot change the integrity of Noah and expect that it will not be offensive! People actually booed when the movie ended. I was so disappointed because I expected so much more. When you make a movie out of a bible story there are just some things that cannot be changed. After all, most of the audience will be people of faith (since most atheists probably don't care about Noah at all). The story of Noah has so much that would make a great movie without the need to make the story unrecognizable. The "miracles" just came across as too gimmicky without real substance. Also, most of the characters seemed flat and underdeveloped. SPOILER ALERT NEXT LINE... don't read if you don't want too much information. Since when is Noah a murderous man who wants to practice infanticide on his own grandchildren; with a son who considers murdering him?
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Leave it to Hollywood to ruin a perfectly good Biblical Story!

By lvn12752
Written November 18, 2014
Just more violence. Absolutely not good for the kids! Angels made of rock? An evil stowaway assisted by Noah's son? Noah planning to kill his Grandaughter? Is this the Noah and his family you want your familly to watch a movie about?
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Where in the Bible was this?!!

By Propertiesbykb
Written November 18, 2014
This is pure Blasphemy!!!! No where in this movie was the name of God mentioned and since when did "fallen angels" help in building the Arc!!! This was not true to any part of the Old Testament and for them to say that theses fallen angels were kicked out of Heaven for trying to "help" humanity....really!!! This is just an atheistic adaptation of the scripture meant to dumb down those without knowledge of the truth!!! For anyone who doubts what I've written, pay close attention to the scene where Noah goes to his father Methuselah and basically has drug induced hallucinations from a "potion" that is given to him to drink for "clarification" . I won't even get started on the "the watchers" which were depicted as giant rock creatures....
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