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I was entertained,and it does have me pondering...

By Lauriestarns
Written July 28, 2014
I was entertained. The movie is very dramatic, and although I don't believe there were "rock monsters" and that Cain was onboard the Ark hiding out, I do believe there could've been some similarities to the real story. I'm glad I went to see it because it has me thinking of how things must've been back then. It is a Hollywood movie, therefore, you have to take it as such. I do think Russell Crowe did an excellent job as Noah.
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People are stupid

By isothien
Written May 26, 2015
All of the negative reviews of this movie are from butt-hurt Christians whining that the movie doesn't more closely match the bible instead of genuine reviews about the movie itself on its own merit. The acting was great. The story line was great. The visual effects were amazing. People need to get over themselves. It's a MOVIE. It's not even remotely claiming to be the same as the bible, so stop pretending it's supposed to be a retelling of the story in the bible.
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Waste of money

By olexa17
Written March 31, 2014
I probably should have paid attention to the reviews on this movie. So disappointing- to take a Bible based story and turn it into this warped version with Transformer-like monsters called "The Watchers" (really??) and an angry Noah wanting to kill everyone and extra evil characters and relationships that have no origin in the Bible story....what a waste. The actual special effects and components of telling the arc building, the animals, the rain, the flood...that was great but all the rest had most of the people I know that saw the movie with a perpetual head tilt moment scratching their forehead wondering what happened here. How anyone wrote this script let alone how an Actor like Crowe would go "Ok this looks like a good idea" is beyond me.
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God help us

By withcranes
Written March 28, 2014
I feel bad about saying 'no' because of the effort of those who poured their talent in to making this epic melodramatic/fantasy wash-out. It felt over fluffed, tear soaked and desperate. I almost walked out during the last 25 minutes, but I hung in out of pity for the actors and true believers present . It felt like 4 hours. Here, Noah seems to assume the roles of Abraham and Job as well. Facing the painful duty of slaughtering his own grandbabies while being betrayed and misunderstood by his children and ever distressed wife. Even worse, the man who murdered Noah's father (which, of course, Noah witnessed as a child), is now a hidden aboard the ark eating the animals and plotting Noah's assassination with one of Noah's perpetually brooding sons. It seems no one likes him but the giant four armed rock monsters. If so much fluff and fill was needed, why not expand the glorious creation scene? Which was only about 2 minutes long. Rather than add 10 parts to 1 of pure nonsense.
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Trailer gave it away

By sasori21eros
Written March 28, 2014
They said in the trailer that they took creative licences and they only kept the names and setting. If you are expecting a movie made by a Judeo-Christian director don't spend the money. If you expecting one man's view on what it would be like then go and leave your bible at the door this is no read along journey. As a movie it was interesting but it did paint God as a vague disinterested creator. *SPOILER ALERT* God basically gave Noah a vision of what was coming then just hit his world reset button and went to get some popcorn.
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