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Really enjoyed movie

By eddy1487
Written August 03, 2014
Even though the story is changed somewhat, they did a good job with all the effects and sounds. My wife cried towards the end..I would recommend it!
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By Sam Gershen
Written September 07, 2014
Yes, there was creative license on the bible story however, I liked it. the stars did a wonderful job, especially Noah. Well done movie. Iceland and NYC...definitely held one's interest. something for everyone.
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By Prana4321
Written August 09, 2014
Iam so surprised that these wonderful actors are found in this ridiculous movie. This could have been a good movie and it wasnt. The story line was fragmented and bizarre.... "Fallen Angels" that look alot like "Rock Transformers" REALLY???? Noah's character makes no sense and comes off looking quite mad when he is going to kill his grandchild when its born if its a girl... because they are all evil in Gods eyes and were just around during the flood to "Save The Animals" . Cant have any girls around who could breed and make more "Bad People"... course it doesnt mention WHO they would breed with! I love Sci Fi and Historical movies and this was neither. DONT GO.
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Temper your expectation

By rickyheather
Written September 07, 2014
If you prepare yourself beforehand that this movie has almost no resemblance to the biblical story then you should be able to enjoy it. Only the title, ark, and flood is according to the story. Other than that, it's blockbuster hollywood storytelling in all its glory.
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By raders3
Written March 28, 2014
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen a LOT of movies in my lifetime. To the writers -- did you even read the story in the Bible before creating this movie? Well, it would have helped. This was more like a combination of Mad Max, Transformers, and Waterworld than a Biblical depiction of such an important story in Genesis. I went with great expectations and left extremely disappointed.
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