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Not anything like the story

By rsilkman1
Written April 06, 2017
The trailer said that there was some creative license in making the movie. About the only thing from the story that was in the movie was a boat and the main character's name was Noah. The list of inaccuracies is just to long to list here. If you were wanting to see an uplifting story from the Bible, this movie is not it. Save your money for Heaven is Real. If you want to see a movie based on worldly values then go ahead and you still will be disappointed by the pure stupidity of the movie.
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Mature Christians Should Enjoy it..

By geneanderson
Written April 06, 2017
I am really amazed at well meaning 'church people' today. They watch R movies and dont blush, but when a movie that is not within their allowable error of biblical doctrine, they crucify it. I have been a Christian for over 25 years, missionary to Africa many times, and love Jesus with all my heart. I know this movie had a bunch of extras. I have read the entire bible from cover to cover over 20 times but I saw the awesomeness of Lord throughout the movie!!!! In fact, I could argue there is more possible reality then most Christians could fathom. How nice to see a Hollywood movie acknowledging Creation and not evolution. Shame on believers who point fingers at a movie that may not fit doctrine but make people think about their eternal destiny. I prayed before I went and I got a 'GO' from God! Jesus is Lord!
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Not 100% truthful, but 100% great.

By jbyersak1015
Written April 06, 2017
While this movie is not 100% truthful to the story of Noah and the Ark, it is absolutely amazing. I feel that the things that were changed were ok to change due to the society of today being so fickle. Terms like 'eternal damnation' don't sit right with lots of people, no matter how accurate it is. The story of Noah is always told as a happy tale. The cleansing and re-population of the Earth. But nobody ever looks at the realistic side. The toll Noah's action would take on him. He is a just man who values life and is now forced to take part in ending all of it. Sure some details were changed and added, but let's be honest. You you only meet one wife in this movie. That is one more than is actually met and named in The Bible. The Bible makes no mention of a big fight to try and board the Ark. I don't know about you, but I would sure try and do whatever it took to get me and my family to safety when the world is appearing to end. This movie is full of messages you will see if you look.
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Save your money pass on NOAH.

By Arnoldsmovies
Written April 06, 2017
This 2 hour and 30 minute movie, is 2 hours and 25 minutes to long. It is more science fiction than either bible or fantasy could conjure up.
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enjoyed the movie

By rtruesdale
Written April 06, 2017
Let me chime in here as i am obviously reading a lot of reviews from "bible thumpers". I am sure to get beat down for this. I consider myself a Christian but that being said i thought the movie was very "entertaining" using the "outline" of story told by the bible. The Movie took advantage of the gaps in the story of Noah and the directors "thoughts" on what happened between them in and around the event. Obviously there were some "stretches" to the story line but entertaining/interesting all the same. Lastly at the end of the day, to all those hard core people, others are interested and maybe they will look a bit more closely at what the bible does say. Is that a bad thing??
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