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Noah Synopsis
God chooses Noah (Russell Crowe) for a great task before an apocalyptic flood destroys Earth.
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Not anything like the story

By rsilkman1
The trailer said that there was some creative license in making the movie. About the only thing from the story that was in the movie was a boat and the main character's name was Noah. The list of...

Mature Christians Should Enjoy it..

By geneanderson
I am really amazed at well meaning 'church people' today. They watch R movies and dont blush, but when a movie that is not within their allowable error of biblical doctrine, they crucify it. I...

Not 100% truthful, but 100% great.

By jbyersak1015
While this movie is not 100% truthful to the story of Noah and the Ark, it is absolutely amazing. I feel that the things that were changed were ok to change due to the society of today being so...

Save your money pass on NOAH.

By Arnoldsmovies
This 2 hour and 30 minute movie, is 2 hours and 25 minutes to long. It is more science fiction than either bible or fantasy could conjure up....

enjoyed the movie

By rtruesdale
Let me chime in here as i am obviously reading a lot of reviews from "bible thumpers". I am sure to get beat down for this. I consider myself a Christian but that being said i thought the movie was...

Ridiculous! Talking rocks?

By ryanbtolman
I'm a pastor and I was looking forward to a Biblical account of Noah. It was promoted as such. Instead this is one of the worst movies I have seen. The talking rocks looked like transformers! There's...

Noah - Worst Movie EVER

By timhawks
Just saw it in the early east coast showing a 7 PM EDT. We go to the movies every week. I knew it would be a dark movie even if it held true the Bible. BUT, the story line was so strange even...


By gmharmon1
I have seen a lot of bad movies in my life, but right now I cannot think of any that were worse than this piece of garbage. If I had to describe it, I think I would say it was a cross between...


By wjfoster
Worst waste of admission since "The Lone Ranger". Jerky cinematography at times, terrible music, uneven storyline, sluggish plot that was hard to follow. Terrible attempt even for a science fiction...

Simply Perfect.

By DCI Jane Tenisson
This movie was perfect. Why? A few things… 1) It's a much needed story for our times…Think: climate change, our abuse and exploitation of animals, the environment, the earth… 2) Russell Crowe in top...

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Rated PG-13 | For Disturbing Images, Brief Suggestive Content and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Dark biblical tale is brutal, violent, gory.
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