These actors are more meant for each other like frech fries and ketchup

By RobFarlly
Written February 11, 2011
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher work magically together in this movie. This isn't just another romantic/comedy. You can check it out at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . com
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Not your standard romantic comedy

By RandytheMovieFan
Written January 20, 2011
Lots of laughs, lots of romance and Natalie Portman elevates the drama with a realistic performance as a character who has spent her life trying to submerge her emotions. She and Ashton Kutcher have good chemistry together, and the supporting cast (including Kevin Kline) do a respectable job. There are moments when you think the scriptwriter just wanted a current pop culture pastiche (Grey's Anatomy, High School Musical, etc.) but the central theme - daring to love someone in spite of the risks - is pretty much eternal. While the only nudity comes from Mr. Kutcher's bare behind, the sex scenes are still hot and heavy enough to merit the R rating. And while casual sex may seem to be presented in a casual and respectable manner, the underlying message is that we need more than that in our lives to be truly happy, which actually makes this a sweet and almost old-fashioned movie by its end.
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By paul-on-the-mesa
Written January 19, 2011
This movie appears to be another, in a long list, of soft porn flicks that are creeping into the public movie houses. Casual sex is made to look acceptable, and cool. In the meantime, unwanted babies are aborted, girls have children without fathers when way too young. And the irresponsible movie theaters show this garbage, like it is all normal, and OK.
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Adorable movie :) great fun

By JackieRoberts
Written February 08, 2011
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher work magically together in this movie. This isn't just another romantic/comedy. Certainly one of the better movies from Ashton Kutcher in a while. Anyway the movie is great, these two are so adorable they'll have you couples cuddling all night. It is great, and a shame to miss. We actually watched it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . com microwave popcorn, blanket, and the couch =)
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cute and funny

By calgirl5683
Written January 22, 2011
this movie is cute and funny and teaches a lesson of love. people who are emotionally closed off and all about their careers can find love too when they least expect it. and there's nothing wrong with pre-marital sex, join us in the 21st century why dont you? and the only reason that there are still unwanted pregnancies and abortions is because parents need to pay more attention to their kids and what they are doing, and educate them about safe sex. it's 2011 people!!! time to get smart about unprotected sex!!! stop blaming the movies and the media, children look to their parents as role models, and if things are screwed up at home, then kids will start acting out and getting themselves pregnant and in trouble. movies are just that - entertainment!!! and maybe if parents were being a little responsible instead of dragging their kids to R-rated movies cause they can't afford a babysitter, then kids would stop trying to grow up so damn fast!!!
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