Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D Synopsis
Travis Pastrana and his company of adrenaline junkies perform dangerous stunts.
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Slant Magazine

By Nick Schager
While the Nitro Circus's many achievements are impressive, they pale in comparison to those of Knoxville and company's.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By John DeFore
Falling somewhere between the X Games and Jackass on the Knievel Scale of Senseless Self-Endangerment, the crew known as Nitro Circus...
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Los Angeles Times

Strictly for fans only.
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
Only a couple of times do the stunts have that extra ingredient - wit - that makes this kind of thing amusing to watch.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Even if you appreciate the sight of grown men acting like idiots, the film's repetitive pacing and self-congratulatory air start to feel...
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Watching people take their lives into their hands shouldn't be as tedious as Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D, which could be described as...
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New York Post

It's their hard luck that this movie is being released as the Olympics wind down. The contrast with the beauty and self-discipline seen for...
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Nothing to blow your mind.

By cnj0820
Its okay if you have fallowed Nitro Circus sense the very begining. Over all tho it is very tame. Nothing that really blows your mind. Most of the movie I was bored. They drag out the same stunt over...

I highly recomend for motorheads

By laxboy77
I can describe it in 5 words Crazy people doing crazy stuff...

Entertaining movie but not the best.

By travishanger
Def. a great movie if your a fan of the nitro circus crew. The ending was a bit weak but overall a great movie get it an 8 out of 10....

Classic TP!

By tesxyz
All that you would expect and love if you have followed the circus. Although it seems like they may be slowing down a little as they get older....

3D is awesome

By tcaso
This would be an awesome life if you were a thrill seeker and into death defying stunts. The group of guys and girl put on an awesome show to thrill the crowd....

Behind the Scenes

By tgiedd
Expected this to be more of an actual movie having not seen anything about it. My son & his friends wanted to see it so we did. It really was an interesting look at what lead up to the Las Vegas...

Really cool

By Spydercage
Better then the TV show. You get a more detailed look at behind the scenes, why they do stunts out of the country, a longer look at the stunts. More of the pain some of the guys go thru. The movie...

Great Movie!

By motox23
These guys are crazy! Awesome movie - 3D takes it to the next level. Great job Pastrana and gang....

Nitro Circus= Jackass with motorcycles

By bmisiaszek
It was an okay movie. Nothing that is worth watching twice. But good entertainment....

Fun movie

By kingphilip
Nitro Circus is best for a fan of the show or of Travis Pastrana. The stunts are a lot of fun and turn out great in 3D. It's probably the best use of 3D that I've seen yet. There really isn't a story...

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Rated PG-13 | For Depictions of extreme and dangerous stunts througout, and for language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Dangerous stunts, teasing, injuries aren't entertaining.
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