Nita Naldi
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1899
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1925 Dorothy Gish Clothes Make the Pirate
1925 Leon Errol Clothes Make the Pirate
1925 Tully Marshall Clothes Make the Pirate
1925 Natacha Rambova Cobra
1925 Rudolph Valentino Cobra
1925 Gilbert Roland Lady Who Lied
1925 Lewis Stone Lady Who Lied
1925 Edward Earle Lady Who Lied
1925 Edna May Oliver Lady Who Lied
1925 Purnell Pratt Lady Who Lied
1925 Harrison Ford Marriage Whirl
1925 John Hamilton Mountain Eagle
1925 John Stuart The Pleasure Garden
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller The Breaking Point
1924 Matt Moore The Breaking Point
1924 Cyril Ring The Breaking Point
1924 Rudolph Valentino A Sainted Devil
1924 George Siegmann A Sainted Devil
1923 Bebe Daniels Glimpses of the Moon
1923 Dolores Costello Glimpses of the Moon
1923 Alan Hale Hollywood
1923 Mary Astor Hollywood
1923 Leatrice Joy Hollywood
1923 Jack Pickford Hollywood
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Hollywood
1923 Betty Compson Hollywood
1923 Ricardo Cortez Hollywood
1923 Owen Moore Hollywood
1923 Viola Dana Hollywood
1923 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Hollywood
1923 Bess Flowers Hollywood
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Hollywood
1923 Lila Lee Hollywood
1923 Thomas Meighan Hollywood
1923 Mary Pickford Hollywood
1923 ZaSu Pitts Hollywood
1923 Jack Holt Hollywood
1923 Pola Negri Hollywood
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Hollywood
1923 Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood
1923 Gloria Swanson Hollywood
1923 May McAvoy Hollywood
1923 Bryant Washburn Hollywood
1923 Lois Wilson Hollywood
1923 Ford Sterling Hollywood
1923 Conrad Nagel Lawful Larceny
1923 Dolores Costello Lawful Larceny
1923 Rod La Rocque The Ten Commandments
1923 Estelle Taylor The Ten Commandments
1923 Theodore Roberts The Ten Commandments
1923 Richard Dix The Ten Commandments
1923 Leatrice Joy The Ten Commandments
1923 Leatrice Joy You Can't Fool Your Wife
1923 Lewis Stone You Can't Fool Your Wife
1922 Alice Brady Anna Ascends
1922 Betty Bronson Anna Ascends
1922 Rudolph Valentino Blood and Sand
1922 Lila Lee Blood and Sand
1922 Owen Moore Reported Missing
1922 Gloria Swanson Trip To Paramountown
1922 May McAvoy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Rudolph Valentino Trip To Paramountown
1922 Conrad Nagel Trip To Paramountown
1922 Thomas Meighan Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wallace Reid Trip To Paramountown
1922 Theodore Roberts Trip To Paramountown
1922 Milton Sills Trip To Paramountown
1922 Betty Compson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Alice Brady Trip To Paramountown
1922 William C. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Tom Moore Trip To Paramountown
1922 Cecil B. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Bebe Daniels Trip To Paramountown
1922 Jack Holt Trip To Paramountown
1922 Lila Lee Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wanda Hawley Trip To Paramountown
1922 Marion Davies Trip To Paramountown
1922 Leatrice Joy Trip To Paramountown
1921 Reginald Denny Experience
1921 Richard Barthelmess Experience
1921 Lilyan Tashman Experience
1920 Rod La Rocque Common Sin
1920 Louis Wolheim Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1920 John Barrymore Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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