NINJA ASSASSIN. Grade: C+. (Based on advance VIP press preview - Thurs. 11/19)

Written November 26, 2009
I was appalled by the muddled action scenes that were filmed in murky lighting - obscuring any coherence which made the fight scenes difficult to follow. And I was chagrined by how liberal blood flows, and graphically portrayed violent dismemberment of body parts. Anyone with a weak stomach is advised to bring along a puke-bag. Of NINJA ASSASSIN's 99 minutes in this movie, the last 20 minutes provided the best action while the rest of the movie was filled with a pseudo romance, mumbo-jumbo ill-explained ninja expose, and some very bad acting. The characters in NINJA ASSASSIN are one-dimension - lacking depth. For the most part, the plot was coherent despite the failed attempt at providing actual info. regarding ninjas - the potential exists but poorly exploited. A series of flashbacks helped reveal the background story. CGI = well-executed Direction and editing = average VERDICT: A MUST SEE for slasher-flicks fans. Otherwise, wait for the DVD rental.
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have to

By thsdudtod
Written December 18, 2008
have to
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Best ninja movie ever!

By Slapnotz
Written December 09, 2009
This sets the bar for all ninja movies. Non stop action and the gore factor is up there, so definitely not for the squeamish. Not too many movies are worth the $10.50 or more you are forced to pay now a days but this one definitely is.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written April 17, 2010
mindless violence... just my type
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By maydayqueen92
Written October 23, 2012
good movie - never lost interest when it was playing and action scenes were great :)
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