Beautiful, exuberant, well written and well acted

By nycubalibre
Written December 19, 2009
The characters drive this movie. You get a glimpse into some very interesting people and what makes them suffer, thrive and live. The dance numbers are beautifully and seamlessly weaved into the movie and they're BEAUTIFUL. The movie they are creating within Nine has no script and, at one point, the director says all people care about is the visuals. This movie truly delivers on this aspect. Costumes, the actors the sets are all visually stunning and it's worth the price of admission just to admire the Penolope sex number or the Kate Hudson 70's Italian throwback. Even Fergie, as the village ****, is spectacular doing a full out music video for the famed song Italia. If you want an amazing plot to take you to another plane, see something else. If you're attracted to or inspired by these actors in any way or you love a good spectacle, don't miss it!
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A visual delight

By seattleroz
Written December 31, 2009
If you liked "All That Jazz" and "Chicago" you will love this movie. Visually delightful with great music, good plot, clever flashbacks, fabulous actors....a most pleasant surprise.
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Nine Razzle Dazzles and Delivers

By irish_eyes
Written January 14, 2010
After reading other reviews, I was prepared to see Nine with my fingers crossed. It's a wild ride between the anxiety of the unwashed, mama's boy, smokaholic Italian film director played by Daniel Day Lewis and the over the top, glitter and glam of the musical numbers which puncuate the story like crazy parantheses, popping in just when the real life emotion starts to show in the characters. I really enjoyed Nine, and would see it again, just for the Judi Dench song about the Folies Bergere, Kate Hudson's song and dance and Sophia Loren as the dead mama dancing with her grown son.
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NINE is love

By Pollyxoxo
Written December 29, 2009
This was an excellent movie. I have noticed that many of those who were displeased with the movie and have written negative reviews, have been comparing Nine to Chicago...let me make something clear THERE SHOULD BE NO COMPARISON. Unlike Chicago, it's not bam bam in your face, dancing spectacle, no pondering necessary type of movie. Nine has a darker story line, it is a movie in which each character is highly developed, experience very raw pain and agony, and are easy to sympathize with - there is so much to take away from this movie...from the very first scene in which Claudia kisses an adult Guido to the closing scene in which Claudia kisses a child Guido...this movie is about accepting what you have...the pain of losing it all in order to realize that what you have is in fact what you've wanted all along. This movie is BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, GENIUS! Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day Lewis both gave powerful performances, and I will be watching this movie over and over and over again.
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Not as good as it should have been

By redyeah
Written December 26, 2009
With the cast this film has I was expecting so much more. Just pretty empty.
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