Nina Hansen

Worked With

Year Name Title
1987 Savely Kramarov Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
1987 Lynn Redgrave Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
1987 Paul Gleason Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
1987 Jon Cryer Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
1987 J.D. Cullum Morgan Stewart's Coming Home
1977 Robert Costanzo Saturday Night Fever
1977 Julie Bovasso Saturday Night Fever
1977 John Travolta Saturday Night Fever
1967 Brock Peters The Incident
1967 Gary Merrill The Incident
1967 Thelma Ritter The Incident
1967 Martin Sheen The Incident
1967 Jan Sterling The Incident
1967 Ruby Dee The Incident
1967 Beau Bridges The Incident
1967 Mike Kellin The Incident
1967 Ed McMahon The Incident
1967 Jack Gilford The Incident
1957 Herbert Marshall Stage Struck
1957 Christopher Plummer Stage Struck
1957 Joan Greenwood Stage Struck
1957 Henry Fonda Stage Struck
1957 Jack Weston Stage Struck
1957 Pat Harrington, Jr. Stage Struck
1957 Susan Strasberg Stage Struck
1957 John Fiedler Stage Struck
1948 Lyle Talbot The Circle
1948 Philip Van Zandt The Circle
1948 Ben Welden The Circle
1948 Fritz Kortner The Circle
1948 Belle Mitchell The Circle
1948 Conrad Nagel The Circle
1947 Ilona Massey Northwest Outpost
1947 George Sorel Northwest Outpost
1947 Jay Silverheels Northwest Outpost
1947 Nelson Eddy Northwest Outpost
1947 Elsa Lanchester Northwest Outpost
1947 Henry Kulky Northwest Outpost
1947 Peter Whitney Northwest Outpost
1947 Henry Brandon Northwest Outpost
1947 Ray Teal Northwest Outpost
1947 Joseph Schildkraut Northwest Outpost
1947 Grandon Rhodes Song of My Heart
1947 Cedric Hardwicke Song of My Heart
1947 William H. Ruhl Song of My Heart
1947 John Hamilton Song of My Heart
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