Nim's Island

By PIslander
Written April 02, 2008
Fun, beautiful film. Exciting for children, entertaining for adults. Plenty of laughter and drama. The central character is a bright, creative, brave girl. The other 3 characters (one is imaginary, one is Nim's Dad and one is an agoraphobic author) are a bit stereotypic but they are wonderful adults for Nim to interact with, learn from and love. Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin and Gerard Butler are all great in this film.
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Nim's Island

By artbijune
Written May 24, 2008
Three generations of us thoroughly enjoyed it. A refreshing movie - no horror, violence, bad langueage or nudity. For a change.
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We really enjoyed it!

By juliekf17
Written April 11, 2008
My friend and I took our girls, ages 9, 9, and 6. We all enjoyed it. There were some intense moments but they never lasted too long. I will probably buy it on DVD.
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Nim's Island rocks!

By oberholtz
Written April 26, 2008
I took my 10 year old daughter to see Nim's Island on a whim. It turned out to be the best young adult movie I have seen. the comedy was funny and Jody Foster brought pathos to it as well. the animal friends warmed mydaughter's heart and we really worried about the Dad making it back from his adventure. All in all, excellent!
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Nim's Island

By OUSoonerState
Written April 18, 2008
Refreshing. I took my grand-daughters (ages 10 and 6) to see this wonderful movie. We were all captivated by the sheer beauty and the thrilling adventures of Nim (our powerful 11 year old hero). Nim's Island was filled with nature, life's lessons, the magic of love and the power of perseverance. This is an excellent (possibly realistic) movie, which focused on people, not machines, in our age of digital/virtual reality. I am exhausted with movies that are all flash and bang. You won't see computer generted monsters, but, you will see breathtaking geography. You will see genuine bravery. You will see a brave new world. Nim's Island goes to the gut level of realtionships. Take everyone in your family. It is sure to tug on your heart. Jodie Foster is awesome (as always) too!
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