What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this kid-friendly adventure movie has some intense moments of peril (particularly during two scary storms) but is ultimately a positive story with a great role model for tween girls (and boys!). The book-and-science-loving 11-year-old heroine is left alone on a tropical island by her father (her mother died when she was a baby, which is explained in the opening sequence) and has to fend for herself when he's delayed in getting back to her. She gets scared and upset and even hurts herself, all of which may bother some young and/or sensitive kids, but she's also resourceful and not afraid to ask for help.
  • Families can talk about whether this kind of movie is as entertaining as one with lots of special effects and/or animation. Kids: Which kind of adventure do you like better, and why? What makes Nim different from many other kid characters in movies and TV shows? Do you think she's a good role model? What about Alex Rover? What do Alex and Nim learn during the movie? What would you do in Nim's situation? Do you think it was right for her father to leave her alone on the island? Families who've read the book can compare and contrast the two. Which do you like better, and why?
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