Nights in Rodanthe

By ttolin1
Written October 08, 2008
Movie was unrealistic, the house would have collasped, the people would have died and disappeared, apparently the people in Hollywood don't watch the weather channel. I could not get into the movie and root for two characters who were still married but not to each other and what a burden the mother put on the daughter, the movie did not make me weepy or sad for the couple just angry that I spent so much money for a junky movie!
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Written September 19, 2008
Last night I saw the advance press screening for this charming movie-adaptation of the novel (same name). It received a thunderous ovation when it ended. The Q&A session with author Nicholas Sparks was illuminating and well-received. Richard Gere and Diane Lane were superb as the leads - they had such wonderful on-screen chemistry! The supporting cast delivered commendable performances. The movie, beautifully rendered, can be described as evocative, sensitive, emotional, contemplative - and has all the essential qualities of a beautiful love story - loss, sadness, pain, happiness/joy, etc. Nicholas Sparks understands how to tug at your heartstrings/emotions. Verdict: This is a GREAT date movie. Heck, it is a really good all-around movie. If you love THE NOTEBOOK, MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, and A WALK TO REMEMBER - all movie-adaptations of Nicholas Spark's novels - you WILL fall in love with NIGHTS IN RODANTHE.
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By RBmoviefreak
Written January 14, 2008
Now this movie hasn't come out yet, but as a person who has been traveling to Rodanthe and home again my whole life, I will most definitely be seeing this movie to see familiar sites. Such as the cottage they filmed it in that I pass every trip down. I have read the back-story and hope this movie is full of great elements as well as paying it's respects to the Outer for me, Must Go!
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Nights in Rodanthe is not the next Notebook

By crzywrdgrl
Written September 29, 2008
I though the onscreen chemistry between Richard Gere and Diane Lane was great. Although I felt their characters weren't developed enough and thatt the movie was over when it should have just been getting started. I was heavily anticipating the release of this movie and was disappointed. The Notebook was such a great that I would watch over and over again. Nights in viewing was enough to last a lifetime.
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Quick, the insulin! No, the caffeine...can't. stay. awake.

By batsbats
Written September 25, 2008
Rebellious teenage daughter! Sassy black best friend! Callous doctor becomes a humanitarian! Nookie in the middle of a hurricane! There is no end to the horrid parade of cliches in this movie. For being less than two hours long, it went on forever, probably to cram in all the trite bits. Why Lane and Gere signed on for this mystifies me. I honestly hope that the novel was better than this; I can't imagine spending any time on it otherwise. Yes, I did see this as a sneak preview. It was a near-capacity audience (almost 500), probably 80% female. Other than a murmur when Richard Gere first appears on camera, the audience was dead quiet. No applause at the end, and this was in a group that was very animated prior to the start of the movie.
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