Great Performance

By lvegas
Written September 23, 2014
I thought that this movie was so well rounded. The performance by the actors was right on. Even the supporting cast was brilliant. The man who played the husband of the patient that died. I could just feel his pain in his performance....his son...The owner of the Inn....Adrianne's children, Gear's character son....Brilliant. The cast, the location, and the story was great. It is a tear jerker, but it was REAL about life. GREAT JOB!!
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Nights in Radanthe

By moved
Written October 29, 2008
Great Chic Flick. Go see it.
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Bring your Tissues

By mmm12
Written October 21, 2008
Be sure to bring a box of tissues...
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nights in rodance

By ybags
Written September 30, 2008
it was a good chick flick. no guys inthr movie, bt agood one for girls
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Great Movie-

By floie777
Written December 28, 2008
I loved this movie. It was sweet, funny, and romantic. I loved all the characters. It is a wonderful love story and would highly recommend it. I will buy this movie and own it.
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