Nights in Rodanthe

By sole63
Written September 29, 2008
Definitely a chick flick. I think the movie could have been so much more. Gere and Lane are great, but you need to give them something to work with. I thought the movie was slow and uninteresting at times.
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By movie_see_em
Written November 30, 2008
Woman will love the movie, men will tolerate it. Sorry can't seem to come up with anything else. I think Diane makes the movie and not not Richard. Don't get me wrong I think Richard Geer does great work. Shocked me when he did CHICAGO. Think he should have done Mama Mia instead of Pierce Too mushy for my tastes. Wife loved it.
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Nights in Rodanthe

By LadyMurph
Written October 02, 2008
Richard Gere and Diane Lane are wonderful together. Absolutely everyone should hold out for the love of a person who makes you believe anything is possible. Nights in Rodanthe made me believe.
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Loved the Book! The Movie, Not So Much!

By KoranNicole
Written September 28, 2008
I was an avid fan of this book and I read it in a matter of a couple of hours. It was a great love story. I was so excited when I found out it was going to be in theatres. I went to see it last night and was highly disappointed. While it was a good movie and I did shed a few tears it was much different than my expectations. It was so much different than the book. If you haven't read the book I would say definitely go see it. But if you have, be prepared for all of the differences. Diane Lane and Richard Gere are great...especially Diane. The emotion she shows in some of the on screen parts is amazing. She is fantastic in this movie.
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Bring a box of tissues !

By toni816
Written October 03, 2008
Where do I begin ? I haven't cried that much in forever. It was a great FANTASY, I had to keep reminding myself of that. At this point, I wish I had waited to see it on DVD at home where I could have sobbed openly. It was a painful experience to sit in the theater trying not to breakdown in front of the other viewers. I felt that Diane Lane's performance was weak until she opened the door & found his son on her front porch. At that point, I wanted the movie to be over. After that, I kept saying "please let this be over, I can't take anymore". It was devastating & still bothers me now, two days later. Richard Gere is something else ! He became the perfect man, & then reality set in. I loved this movie but the amount of pain & tears it cost me was substantial. If you want to experience the pain of losing a dream, then I would recommend seeing this film, if not save yourself the agony & skip it.
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