Nights in Rodanthe

By Movie Freak10
Written October 03, 2008
Nights in Rodanthe Was An Amazing Movie. It Was A Great Love Story. Richard Gere And Diane Lane Had Such Chemistry Together. Im A Guy And I Almost Shead A Tear. Definetly Go With Your Date. Extremely Good Movie. Definetly A Must GO!
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Another brilliant Nicholas Sparks adaption

By edwardcullen521
Written October 21, 2008
I saw this movie with my mom who is a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I'm only 13 but I loved this movie. It was romantic and had a great story line. It was a good chick flick. In the end everyone was crying in the theater, including me. It was very touching and the drama was full on. If you're in the mood for a good romance then I suggest Nights in Rodanthe. The performances were all great and it was just a great movie.
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Nights in Rodanthe

By terriarchibald
Written October 22, 2008
Good girl flick...emotional as are all Nicholas Sparks' books.
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Disappointed with Rodanthe

By Movie_Buff_27
Written October 10, 2008
I absolutely love Richard Gere. He's great in any movie he does. Diane Lane is always very good too. I went into this movie expecting a great happy, timeless love story. The story line had great potential and was (-eh-) pretty good, but where it could have been great- I found it turned into a major disappointment and let down. Better have some tissues. Not what I expected it to be. Not worth skipping but definitely wait for the DVD. If nothing else, the scenery was beautiful and, as always, so is Gere.
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Lady's Choice Movie

By Missmeg381
Written October 09, 2008
Nights in Rodanthe was a beautiful love story. It was very predictable, but nonetheless, a good story. If your in the mood for a chick flick it is a moderate choice.
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