Love Love love this movie

By bjjjeff2013
Written October 01, 2008
Every thing about this movie was great. The storyline the setting. It took me back to my Trip with my mom and boyfriend to cape may NJ. Love the beach. Rodamthe is one of many places that my boyfirend Travis wants to retier to someday. With Seeking this movie I can understand why. I hope that dream for us will come true. The beach setting makes a great love story of the ocean lots of heart. I hope to meet this auther someday. He's one of my favorite wrighters. So this movie is well done and thought out. Don't take my word for it. Go see it for yourself. I'm planning on going to see it again this weekend. Hope to see you there and enjoy life at the movies.
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“NIGHTS IN RODANTHE” – Can 2 people Recover from Separate Divorces & Find Happiness? =

By jimchudnow
Written September 26, 2008
[REVISED version; based on an advance preview:] That subtitle I created more or less sums up the gist of this film. DIANE LANE is a civil-but-angry divorcee trying to raise her 2 kids. Helping out a friend, she temporarily runs a vacation house & chances to host a divorced man (RICHARD GERE) who’s on a personal mission in the area, trying to meet a very upset and hurt man (SCOTT GLENN). In their own way, Lane & Gere (who work very effectively together) end up helping smooth out some of each others' problems in life. Will their inter-connecting lead to anything lasting and worthwhile? That’s what’s covered in this romantic drama. The film is not filled with action or special effects or wild excitement-- it’s two people getting to know each other little-by-little. It “WORKS”, it has a number of pleasing episodes, and I recommend it to those seeking a leisurely investigation of human relationships.
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By rwv6
Written November 09, 2008
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By haelhaelhael
Written October 23, 2008
Seriously I'm not really a big fan of Nicholas Sparks because his story always associates with people dying (breaks my heart). It depraves me of happy ending, that's just my point of view why I can't stand most of his story. Anyway upon learning that Gere and Lane starred in this film, though I was quite hesitant, I gave this one a try with more enthusiasm than I have expected (I'm a Gere & Lane fan since I was 9 [thanks Cotton Club]). So why I gave it a "Go" instead of "Must Go"? Like what I have said when I read the book, I found that Paul and Adrienne's love story was hurried that made me doubt if it was-indeed-an ever lasting love. I wish Paul stayed not only for 5 days I wish it could have been a week or two just so I would see how their attraction evolved. Well aside from that I found it very romantic and I really think that adults will mostly relate to this than teenagers. Wonder about actors portrayal? Gere and Lane... WOW they're just wow.
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Read the book!

By kaylac2002
Written September 09, 2008
I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. He is the author of Nights in Rodanthe. I read the book long ago and I Loved It! He also is responsible for The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle. I can't wait to go see this movie becuase I already know how great it is going to be. One heads up, Nicholas Sparks books are typically tear jerkers in one way or another.
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