I want that job

By itsjustme
Written January 13, 2007
OK, so this isn't a cinematic masterpiece that will set Hollywood on fire. That said, it did for me what I needed it to do: kept me entertained and smiling. The IMAX experience made it even more so. I'd recommend this movie to anyone with a decent sense of humor and a little imagination.
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Night at the Museum: The IMAX Experience

By jms30s
Written March 07, 2007
A perfect movie to be shown at an IMAX theatre. I can't imagine Rex coming to life so vividly as he did on the IMAX screen. The movie is great silly fun.
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Night at the Museum, Day at the IMAX

By rernst
Written January 02, 2007
The movie was entertaining and clean fun for the family. Watching it on the IMAX screen and listening to the sound effects with the raw power that IMAX delivers made the experience even better. Go see this one at the IMAX with your family and enjoy.
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IMAX is the best way to see this movie!

By filmfanatic440
Written March 05, 2007
Took the whole family to see. Movie had all the right ingredients - interesting, action-packed, good leassons, and educational too (its about the museum of national history). Seeing it at the IMAX really made the action scenes special. A must see.
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very good movie

By oxfordsavages
Written December 30, 2006
Although I was unimpressed with the IMAX experience, the movie was very good. Stiller, Wilson, and Williams were as good as always, and it was nice to see VanDyke and Rooney on the big screen again. The kids loved it too- especially the dinosaur. I recommend following up the movie with a trip to the museum.
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