Great Movie

By Melanielynn
Written June 11, 2009
I saw this movie with my son and we both loved it. We liked it more than the first Night at the Museum.
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Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smitsonian

By BigMac1150
Written May 27, 2009
The movie was very good. I had 1 other adult with me and 4 children ranging from ages 5-10. They loved it. We had the IMAX experience. It was the 1st time 4 all of us. The children said they felt as if the characters were sitting beside them.
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Night at the Museum

Written May 24, 2009
I missed about a 30 minute chunk of it 20 minutes in, but from what I saw it was a LOT of fun. No deep morals or messages, just pure fun to watch. Of course some of it was cheeseball, that's the point. Some of it also didn't make a huge amount of sense, but who watches a family movie to analyze how realistic it is? Well, and the acting was horrible, especially Amy Adams, yuck. But it is extremely entertaining and brings back all the characters we want to see and some great ones besides. Worth seeing, and considering special effects are best on the big screen, go now.
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Physically painful...

By draddison2000
Written June 02, 2009
Alright, so I went for the "benefit," or, rather, the perceived benefit to my kids. The first film, while no milestone in Family Film Fundom, was at least watchable. Even had a few funny and entertaining moments to it. Battle of the Smithsonian, however, was not even worthy of the "44" that Rotten Tomatoes had posted for it. The plot was mind-numbing. The acting was stale and embarrassing. The attempts at humor were cringe-worthy. Poor Hank Azaria! Not even someone of his immense talent could save this train-wreck. While I certainly did not enter the theater believing that this movie would change anyone's life perspective, I also did not anticipate feeling ashamed to be in the audience. To sum up, my children only laughed once (that I noticed). This was due to the flatulence of another child sitting directly in front of them. When you're reduced to fart-humor not in the movie itself, you've got a true reeker. Save your money, don't even wait for the DVD.
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Night 2 is a blast

By golfer2531
Written June 01, 2009
This is just escapist entertainment and a fun romp. As sequels go it was run of the mill but Amy Adams is wonderful as Amelia. You will have a great time revisiting the museum and yes, you can take the kids.
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