Physically painful...

By draddison2000
Written June 02, 2009
Alright, so I went for the "benefit," or, rather, the perceived benefit to my kids. The first film, while no milestone in Family Film Fundom, was at least watchable. Even had a few funny and entertaining moments to it. Battle of the Smithsonian, however, was not even worthy of the "44" that Rotten Tomatoes had posted for it. The plot was mind-numbing. The acting was stale and embarrassing. The attempts at humor were cringe-worthy. Poor Hank Azaria! Not even someone of his immense talent could save this train-wreck. While I certainly did not enter the theater believing that this movie would change anyone's life perspective, I also did not anticipate feeling ashamed to be in the audience. To sum up, my children only laughed once (that I noticed). This was due to the flatulence of another child sitting directly in front of them. When you're reduced to fart-humor not in the movie itself, you've got a true reeker. Save your money, don't even wait for the DVD.
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian:

By Crawfordm1
Written June 07, 2009
Took our nieces and nephew, ages 10-17, with us to IMAX since we all saw the first NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM there too. We ALL enjoyed it as much as the first! It's nice to have a fun family movie that is great for all ages!
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

By lameyer1
Written May 29, 2009
Awesome movie!
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It's in IMAX!!!!

By 00Bo
Written May 30, 2009
If your going to go to the movies there are a lot of choices that are all good ones. But when a movie is in IMAX, the choice is already made!!!! Star Trek was great, but in IMAX........ AWESOME!!!!!! same with Superman returns, The Dark Knight, Transformers, you name it. It even makes so-so movies better like Watchmen and Monsters Vs. Aliens. This is more of a review for IMAX rather than Night at the Museum!!!! So back to the point, Needless to say the movie was a perfect sequel it kept the same fun from the first movie but added new characters, like Hank Azaria and Amy Adams who were great and stole the show from the returning characters. It didn't have quite the same feeling as the first movie but still totally worth the admission price.
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Poorly Written!

By Eagle Skyfire
Written May 24, 2009
The movie was enjoyable, but there seemed to be an emphasis on eye candy vs. a good story. It was obvious that Vader, & Oscar the grouch was put in as comedy relief, but that other villains who were meant to be fools would've worked better.Sacagawea & other strong characters weren't used effectively -if at all! It is hard to accept that the trashing of the Smithsonian & the walking around of a giant Lincoln wouldn't have brought out half of the National Guard. Some scenes played out too long. Finally when the arch villain has his moment of glory it is foiled in a most anti-climactic way.So if you want a fun, mindless family movie this is the one. have Fun!
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