Not as good as original

By David627
Written May 25, 2009
cute movie, although not as good as the first one. This movie was less kid oriented in storyline than the original. My 9 year old had mixed feelings. Saw it in IMAX and could have paid less to see it in a regular theatre and I wouldn't have lost much
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Night at the Museum

Written May 24, 2009
I missed about a 30 minute chunk of it 20 minutes in, but from what I saw it was a LOT of fun. No deep morals or messages, just pure fun to watch. Of course some of it was cheeseball, that's the point. Some of it also didn't make a huge amount of sense, but who watches a family movie to analyze how realistic it is? Well, and the acting was horrible, especially Amy Adams, yuck. But it is extremely entertaining and brings back all the characters we want to see and some great ones besides. Worth seeing, and considering special effects are best on the big screen, go now.
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By carastimson
Written May 28, 2009
This is one where the sequel pretty much surpasses the original. We loved the extra action and humor. All of us from age 5 to 63 can't wait for it to come out on video! You probably should see the first one just so you get the premise if you haven't already but you MUST see this one!
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Loooovvveed It!

By kilolo11
Written May 24, 2009
As a child in Chicago we always went to museums on field trips. My favorite was The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. My favs Collen's Doll House and Old Chicago Streets and the miniatures and I thought if I got to hide in museum and when it closed the exhibits would come alive. This movie made me know I'm not the only one!
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Great Movie

By Melanielynn
Written June 11, 2009
I saw this movie with my son and we both loved it. We liked it more than the first Night at the Museum.
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