Worth the cost for Imax.

By Tsing
Written May 28, 2009
An improvement over the first Night at the Museum. At $18 a ticket for Imax (including the Fandango fees), a little expensive. Enjoyed the romantic interest with Amelia Earhart.
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Night at Museum 2

By ywsf
Written May 23, 2009
The movie was ok but was mostly slapstick and silly. The bad guys were stupid. I overall really didnt care for it now that I think on it. It was somewhat flat. maybe it will do better on the small screen. the best part was amelia erhart and him together...could have been a better movie with more of her and adventure theme than stupid bad guys. Is a sequel ever that good?
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Very, very funny!

By peasnpromise
Written June 28, 2009
Ben Stiller delivers another comedic performance, with help from a great cast. I laughed through the whole movie, and wasn't particularly bored through any of it. Go see it, you will have a nice time.
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Night at the Museum:BOTS

By mamtou
Written June 09, 2009
Who are these ridiculous critics??? They need to stay out of the theater and stick to boring flicks that nobody wants to see!! This was a fabulous movie and well worth the price to see at the IMAX!!
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Night at the museum

By nevio
Written May 28, 2009
Very good We love it It was at IMAX teatre the only think we where disappointed it was not on 3D and we pay $ 18 for the tiket. That`s not right.
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