Boredom in the Dark

By NathanielQueen
Written May 23, 2009
I couldn't have spen my money on the IMax Experience better.
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian: The IMAX Experience

By brussell7
Written June 01, 2009
Great Movie, very funny
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Night at the Museum 2

By mustlovedogsrochester
Written May 30, 2009
A fun flick! Not much in the way of story - and the Smithsonian should be paying the producers for the amazing product placement - but it was fun and looked great in IMAX. Stiller was good and Amy Adams was better. Hank Azaria's character was a little irritating - as was Owen Wilson - but it didn't really matter. There are many laughs and cool visuals. It made me want to drive to DC and see it all for myself. If you're looking for a summer popcorn movie, check it out.
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Very, very funny!

By peasnpromise
Written June 28, 2009
Ben Stiller delivers another comedic performance, with help from a great cast. I laughed through the whole movie, and wasn't particularly bored through any of it. Go see it, you will have a nice time.
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Night at Museum 2

By ywsf
Written May 23, 2009
The movie was ok but was mostly slapstick and silly. The bad guys were stupid. I overall really didnt care for it now that I think on it. It was somewhat flat. maybe it will do better on the small screen. the best part was amelia erhart and him together...could have been a better movie with more of her and adventure theme than stupid bad guys. Is a sequel ever that good?
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