Night of the Musuem

By PammieO
Written May 23, 2009
It was great....something everyone in the family could enjoy and being at the IMAX was cool. Recommend it to everyone for a great fun!
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 10, 2009
Fun sequel, little less serious
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By nyc-reelnut
Written May 25, 2009
"A family night at the movies," was how I pitched myself into seeing this sequel with the wife and kids. I had enjoyed the original largely because it was original and fun to watch with the young ones. I wondered what they could and would do to keep it fresh. The answer to my questions was "Not much." If you decide to go be prepared to sit through the rehashing of many of the funnier bits from the original. While there are a couple of bright moments, Hank Azaria almost makes this worth seeing, overall it is a typical Hollywood sequel production aimed at capitalizing on its predecessors success. Wait for the DVD, and by no means spend the extra dollars for the IMAX experience-it just makes it a bigger bad movie.
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian: The IMAX Experience

By MarcusIsaiah
Written June 16, 2009
My grandson and I totally enjoyed the movie. It really held our interest. It was serious and comical and I would recommend it to anybody.
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Clever and Funny

By GuitarKid
Written July 19, 2009
I was a big fan of the first Night at the Museum, but I was worried the second one might be very similar to the first. I was wrong. This was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It was very cleverly written and it was cool to see all of the historical figures I've learned about in school accurately portrayed in this movie. If you haven't seen this movie and it is still playing near you, you must see it!
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