Nicky Katt

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Fred Willard Harold
2008 Ally Sheedy Harold
2008 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Harold
2007 Mary Steenburgen The Brave One
2007 Terrence Howard The Brave One
2007 Jodie Foster The Brave One
2007 Jane Adams The Brave One
2007 Michael Parks Death Proof
2007 Kurt Russell Death Proof
2007 Quentin Tarantino Death Proof
2007 Rose McGowan Death Proof
2007 Michael Parks Planet Terror
2007 Jeff Fahey Planet Terror
2007 Quentin Tarantino Planet Terror
2007 Tom Savini Planet Terror
2007 Josh Brolin Planet Terror
2007 Rose McGowan Planet Terror
2007 Bruce Willis Planet Terror
2007 Michael Biehn Planet Terror
2007 Griffin Dunne Snow Angels
2007 Kate Beckinsale Snow Angels
2007 Sam Rockwell Snow Angels
2007 Tom Noonan Snow Angels
2006 Glenne Headly Monk: Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage
2004 Cliff Robertson Riding the Bullet
2004 David Arquette Riding the Bullet
2004 Barbara Hershey Riding the Bullet
2003 Kyra Sedgwick Secondhand Lions
2003 Robert Duvall Secondhand Lions
2003 Michael Caine Secondhand Lions
2003 Josh Lucas Secondhand Lions
2003 Haley Joel Osment Secondhand Lions
2002 David Duchovny Full Frontal
2002 David Hyde Pierce Full Frontal
2002 Jerry Weintraub Full Frontal
2002 Catherine Keener Full Frontal
2002 Julia Roberts Full Frontal
2002 Maura Tierney Insomnia
2002 Robin Williams Insomnia
2002 Hilary Swank Insomnia
2002 Al Pacino Insomnia
2002 Martin Donovan Insomnia
2002 Paul Dooley Insomnia
2002 Arthur Hiller Speakeasy
2002 Christopher McDonald Speakeasy
2002 David Strathairn Speakeasy
2001 Julie Delpy Waking Life
2001 Richard Linklater Waking Life
2001 Steven Soderbergh Waking Life
2001 Ethan Hawke Waking Life
2000 Vin Diesel Boiler Room
2000 Ron Rifkin Boiler Room
2000 Giovanni Ribisi Boiler Room
2000 Ben Affleck Boiler Room
2000 Scott Caan Boiler Room
2000 Nia Long Boiler Room
2000 Courtney B. Vance Boston Public [TV Series]
2000 Taye Diggs The Way of the Gun
2000 Ryan Phillippe The Way of the Gun
2000 James Caan The Way of the Gun
2000 Scott Wilson The Way of the Gun
2000 Geoffrey Lewis The Way of the Gun
2000 Juliette Lewis The Way of the Gun
2000 Benicio Del Toro The Way of the Gun
1999 Lesley Ann Warren The Limey
1999 Luis Guzman The Limey
1999 Peter Fonda The Limey
1999 Terence Stamp The Limey
1999 Bill Duke The Limey
1999 Joe Dallesandro The Limey
1999 Peter Farrelly Say You'll Be Mine
1998 Ron Eldard Delivered
1998 Gerritt Graham One True Thing
1998 Renée Zellweger One True Thing
1998 William Hurt One True Thing
1998 Meryl Streep One True Thing
1998 Lauren Graham One True Thing
1998 Liev Schreiber Phantoms
1998 Peter O'Toole Phantoms
1998 Rose McGowan Phantoms
1998 Ben Affleck Phantoms
1998 Giovanni Ribisi Scotch and Milk
1997 Chris O'Donnell Batman & Robin
1997 George Clooney Batman & Robin
1997 Michael Gough Batman & Robin
1997 Alicia Silverstone Batman & Robin
1997 Uma Thurman Batman & Robin
1997 Robert Powell Batman & Robin
1997 Arnold Schwarzenegger Batman & Robin
1997 Pat Hingle Batman & Robin
1997 John Glover Batman & Robin
1997 Giovanni Ribisi SubUrbia
1997 Steve Zahn SubUrbia
1997 Parker Posey SubUrbia
1996 Laraine Newman Friends: The One with the Bullies
1996 Giovanni Ribisi Friends: The One with the Bullies
1996 David Arquette johns
1996 Terrence Howard johns
1996 Elliott Gould johns
1996 Arliss Howard johns
1996 Lukas Haas johns
1996 Donald Sutherland A Time to Kill
1996 Samuel L. Jackson A Time to Kill
1996 Brenda Fricker A Time to Kill
1996 M. Emmet Walsh A Time to Kill
1996 Kevin Spacey A Time to Kill
1996 Matthew McConaughey A Time to Kill
1996 Kurtwood Smith A Time to Kill
1996 Sandra Bullock A Time to Kill
1996 Ashley Judd A Time to Kill
1996 Oliver Platt A Time to Kill
1996 Patrick McGoohan A Time to Kill
1996 Kiefer Sutherland A Time to Kill
1996 Chris Cooper A Time to Kill
1996 Charles S. Dutton A Time to Kill
1995 Lee Garlington The Babysitter
1995 Lois Chiles The Babysitter
1995 George Segal The Babysitter
1995 J.T. Walsh The Babysitter
1995 Alicia Silverstone The Babysitter
1995 Annabella Sciorra The Cure
1995 Diana Scarwid The Cure
1995 Bruce Davison The Cure
1995 Parker Posey The Doom Generation
1995 Rose McGowan The Doom Generation
1995 Margaret Cho The Doom Generation
1995 James Duval The Doom Generation
1995 Todd Graff Strange Days
1995 Tom Sizemore Strange Days
1995 Ralph Fiennes Strange Days
1995 William Fichtner Strange Days
1995 Angela Bassett Strange Days
1995 Vincent D'Onofrio Strange Days
1995 Juliette Lewis Strange Days
1994 Michael Nouri American Yakuza
1994 Viggo Mortensen American Yakuza
1994 Robert Forster American Yakuza
1994 Brion James Knight Rider 2010
1993 Parker Posey Dazed and Confused
1993 Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused
1993 Ben Affleck Dazed and Confused
1993 Michelle Burke Dazed and Confused
1992 Mary Wickes Sister Act
1992 Maggie Smith Sister Act
1992 Harvey Keitel Sister Act
1992 Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act
1990 Margaret Colin Martians Go Home!
1990 Ronny Cox Martians Go Home!
1990 Gerritt Graham Martians Go Home!
1990 Anita Morris Martians Go Home!
1990 Randy Quaid Martians Go Home!
1989 Dick Miller The 'Burbs
1989 Carrie Fisher The 'Burbs
1989 Tom Hanks The 'Burbs
1989 Robert Picardo The 'Burbs
1989 Bruce Dern The 'Burbs
1989 Henry Gibson The 'Burbs
1989 Gale Gordon The 'Burbs
1984 Edward Andrews Gremlins
1984 Scott Brady Gremlins
1984 Phoebe Cates Gremlins
1984 Judge Reinhold Gremlins
1984 Steven Spielberg Gremlins
1984 Hoyt Axton Gremlins
1984 Harry Carey, Jr. Gremlins
1984 Polly Holliday Gremlins
1984 Dick Miller Gremlins
1984 Chuck Jones Gremlins
1984 Jackie Joseph Gremlins
1984 Howie Mandel Gremlins
1984 Keye Luke Gremlins
1980 Jerry Orbach Underground Aces
1980 Melanie Griffith Underground Aces
1980 Ernie Hudson Underground Aces
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